Importance of SEO in blogging

Seo stands for search engine optemization.This includes all the methods that are used for optimizing your site/blog and your individual pages /posts for search engines to rank high.

When your content is ranked high on search engines such as google,yahoo,bing etc your content is visible to more people when they search for any particular phrase in these search engines because your pages are present on the top or on the first page,which most of the people click from and after solving their problem they left the page.Which means if your pages are not ranked on the first two pages of search engines they will be ignored and you will not receive any visits thus no income because passive income needs traffic and if you are losing free traffic then you are missing a good chance of earning a good income online.

A site with no readers is like a personal diary.So if you are running personal site and are not interested in readers and earning online than you should not waste your time on learning seo but if want traffic and want that people read your articles and appreciate you or want to earn from affiliate products and advertisements then you need visitors that make you money.

Below i have mentioned two basic and most important ways to rank your site high on search engines and gain traffic.

How to rank your pages on first page of google:-

To rank well in search engines and receive a lot of visitors you should first learn some search engine optimization and then implement those methods to rank on search engines.

Keywords and backlinks:-

The most important of these are keywords and backlinks.Keywords are those words which people use to type in search engine while searching for something.Targeting correct keywords is not an easy task.So in order to rank well,your first and foremost step should be learning how to do a keyword research.There are many of tools that help in keyword research.One of them is google adwords keyword planner.

Then using these keywords is another art.In order to rank high you should first learn how to use these keywords.Keywords should look natural and should be used with correct tags.

Another important thing that play a vital role in ranking of any site in SERPS is backlinks pointing to that sites.Search engines judes the quality and how much valuable a content is by back link pointing to that site.Because it is human nature that they will link quality stuff and share it with their friends.So search engines used this method to find the quality of sites.

After keywords,you should consider building some links to your sites.there are many ways to build thousands of links to your sites but always remember that google focus on quality rather then quantity.So before starting a link building compaign you should keep in mind that tricking google and applying black hat methods can harm your site.

1 link from similar and high authority site is better than dozens of links from unrelated sites by spamming.

So if you want to get good traffic use the above given methods to optemize your pages for search engines and also learn some other seo methods and enjoy traffic.

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