How to write a perfect blog post

There is a big difference between a writer and a blogger.When a blogger writes a blog post he not only makes it interesting for his readers but also takes care of search engines.He make it so much interesting and appealing that the readers clicks on the post from seach engine and then read it completely.

So,which are the requirements that make a blog post perfect?

There are a few important things if ignored can bring your posts down in search engines and can increases bounce rate and you can lose your readers if these thing are ignored.

How to write a blog post:-

Before writng your blog posts you should do a few things and then write your blog post with in-page optemisation.Here is a detailed guide how to write a complete and impressive blog post.

Do research:-

The first and foremost work that should be done before writing a blog post is research.Because if you have not complete knowledge about your topic your article will not be interesting and it will put a bad impression on your readers.

There are also a possibility that the topic is already explained by many other people so to beat all of them.You should do a comprehensive research.You can go through these posts written by your competitors and collect all the important points and facts from these posts and then write them in your own words.

Do keyword research:-

Keywords are those words which people search for when they are looking for some perticular topic in search enginges.Your blog posts ranking in SERPS depends on keywords and backlinks.So without a keyword research your post can be ignored by google and other search engines.

So before writing your post first do a keyword research and target 2-3 keywords.If you target long tail keywords your chances of better ranking in SERPS will be high.Then use these key worlds two or three times in your blog post.These will help search engines to rank your post for these key words and you will get more visitors.


Title is one of the most important part of a blog post because it will bring more readers and visitors also blog titles can rank your posts in SEPS becauses mostly they have h1 tag and if not you should make your titles h1 for better SEo.

Optimize your titles for search engines but also make it attractive for humans because they click on your posts from search engines which increase click through rate as well as make you new readers.

Introduction paragraph:-

The first pagraph should be very attrative and should give a brief intruduction of your post because it is the first impression on your  new readers and if they think that the post cannot solve their problem then they will move back and search for another posts which will increase bounce rate and you will lose precious readers.

Headings and subheadings:-

You should make your post as simple as posible for your readers because if they didn’t understand your language they will move back so for this reason the good way to make it clear and simple is to devide your posts into headings and subheadings.


In the end dont leave the post without summarizing the procudure or giving the conclusion.It is also a good idea to ask your readers for suggestions in comments which will increase comments as well as you will get some new ideas about the post.

Add appropriate images:-

Images help readers to understand the topic as an image is worth thoudsand words plus make your posts attractive.So make a habbit to add images in each post.


Interlinking is very important because it reduces bounce rate and make regular readers.

When some one read a single post he/she didnt become the regular reader.When he reades a few post and find it beneficial for them they will go to your about page and will become regular readers.


Proofreading is very important because i have personally noted that when the reader find mistake in the post he thought that the writer is not professional and put bad impression.So do not commit such mistake in hurry.

Other important things:-

There are a few other important things for SEO such that meta tags,meta description etc so fill all the requirements before clicking the publish button.


Promotion is very important.Because search engines also rank the post on the number of backlinks pointing to the post.

So after publishing the post build a few backlinks to your post.Interlink your new post in your old related post.Comment on a few comluv blogs and submit it to some social networks.

I think these are the few pionts to consider before publishing your post and to promote it after publishing.

Share your views in comments and mention if i have missed something.


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