How to use web 2.0 site for link building

Backlinks are one of the most important SEO factor that highly impact on search engine ranking of a site.

Backlinks can either take a site to the peaks of SERPS (search engine results page) or black list the site.

Now a days google hit many sites daily due to their back link profile and many sites are also enjoying huge traffic for many high competitive keywords.It is all due to backlinking.

While starting a link building campaign webmasters must focus on web 2.0 sites for link building because these links can easily rank a site if links are of high quality.

In this post i am going to discuss how to start a link building campaign using web 2.0 sites and how to do it wisely to minimize the risks of being penalized by google.

Web 2.0 for link building


Some ways to build links to your site/blog

What web 2.0 is?

Web 2.0 is the stage of development of internet from static to dynamic sites.It include all the sites that automate the process of content publishing and processing.

In the early days of internet there were only static sites created using html and php. Later it was made easy by introducing dynamic sites and these site automate all the processes.This development is called web 2.0.

Web 2.0 includes.

  • Social sites like facebook etc.
  • Sites operated with content management systems (CMS) like blogger, wordpress,tumblr etc.
  • All discussion forums.
  • Article writing sites like bubblews,troind,hubpages etc.
  • Blogs etc

Now you would have be a better idea of what web 2.0 is and which type of sites it includes.It will make easy for you to select sites for your link building campaign via web 2.0.

Linkbuilding via web 2.0:-

To start a link building compaign first you need to understand your needs and requirements.

For example if you want to rank an authority site which is a long term plan then you need to do it very carefully because there are many risks involved and google may penelize you site.In this case you need to apply all white hat techniques.

But if you want to rank a micro niche or event based site/blog then you can create many links but still you should focus on quality over quantity becuase one quality link is better than 1000 spam links.

Ways to build links via web 2.0:-

Now there are two ways to build links from web 2.0 sites.

1.Manual link building.

2.Automatic link building.

Step to build links manually from web 2.0 sites:-

If your site is authority site and it is a long term business plan then you should avoid the automatic link building method and focus only on manual method.

Menual means to create gunuine content,not copy and not spun content because spun content may work to rank your site but one day google will find it and will out rank your site.

Step 1:-

So, create content manually.The content should not be necessary of very high quality but should be about 300 words and unique.

You can do it yourself or outsource it but usually it doesnt take much time because if you are familiar with the topic/niche, you can easily write a 300 word post in 5 to 10 minutes .

Step 2:-

Create a list of article writing sites and create a few free blogs at different blogging platforms.Now publish your posts one by one in these sites with maximum of three link to your main site.

You should also interlink you web 2.0 posts but in same site.Means you can interlink your blogger blog posts but not blogger blog post with wordpress blog posts.

Similarly try to publish your post in those sites which have high page rank and domain authority.For example link form bubblews has more weight than hubpages because bubblews has page rank 4 and hubpages gives you sub domain like blogger which would have 0 page rank.

Note:-Dont leave footprints for google to track your link building compaign.It should look natural.You can use proxy etc and use different username and passwards for all accounts.

Similarly join different discussion forums which are related to your blog niche and leave link where necessay but dont spam.Also make an attractive signature so that you get some traffic as well.

Automatic link building via web 2.0:-

This is an easy way but it has more risks and is good for short term business plan.

There are many free and paid softwares that will automatically publish your content in many web 2.0 sites like GSA etc.

If you are folllowing this method then create high quality content of more than 500 words and spun it with a good spinner.Then use the software to publish your post along with link in web 2.0 sites.

This method is working for many people but once again i am saying that try it with great care.

Final words:-

If you want to rank your site then you should neglect the importance of backlinks and for that you need to do some effort and the best way is to create content and publish it on web 2.0 sites with a link back to your site.This will surely pure fruitfull.

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