How to start work on fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing site which is a bit different then other freelancing sites like upwork, elance and freelancer etc. Because at fiverr, freelancers sell their services for 5$. Another difference is that, in other freelancing sites, clients posts jobs and freelancers bid on it while at fiverr, freelancers post their gigs and other peoples who are interested, buy that gigs.

Fiverr is a great marketplace for beginners. The reason is that, in fiverr you can sell all types of services that could be online or offline. There is a variety of jobs people are offering. And you can create a gig about anything you want, even if that service is not providing anyone else, you can provide it. The only think you need is some skills and people that will buy your gigs. Like if you have skills but there are not many buyers of that gig then you will not earn good. So, in order to earn more you need good skills and more persons interested in your gigs.

how to start work on fiverr

Step by step guide to start work on fiverr:

To start work on fiverr. follow this step by step guide so that you did not make any mistake and get more clients.

To start earning from fiverr, the first thing you need is an account on fiverr. It is free, so go to and create a free account. After that verify your email and then complete your profile. This is one of the important step because if your profile is not complete you would look non-professional and you will not get many clients. So, the first step for success in fiverr is to have an account on fiverr with good professinal looking profile.

After that, the most important thing on which your fiverr business depends is your gig. Because this is the thing that people see and decide to buy your services. If your gig is attractive and more professional then other gigs of the same service on fiverr then definitly more and more people will buy you gig. Here you should note the following points and use them while creating your gig.

  • You gig should have a very attractive title. Because it is the first thing which the buyer see.
  • Then you should have professional looking desription that tells the buyer that why he/she should buy your gig.
  • You should add proper pictures and videos to make it more attractive.
  • You should use related tags that will help to rank your gig.

Then after creating your gig with the above things, you should wait for a few orders.

The next important thing for ranking of your gig is positive reviews, so after getting your first gig, try to make your clients happy so that they give your positive reviews and this would help you to get good ranking and more and more clients.

Final words:

If you want to earn online, then one of the best way is freelancing and if you have some good skills and want to start freelancing, then stat with fiverr as it is very good for newbies.

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