How to start a profitable blog

If you start a blog for your business, or for earning purposes.Then you should start it after some homework.You would need to find whether you blog would be a good investment of your time and money or not.Because, if you start a blog and after wasting much time and money you get no results, then there is no benefit of starting such blog.

Starting a blog requires very technical research.Many famous professional bloggers have learnt from these failures and if you ask any of these blogger.They will tell you that start your blog in such a niche which have less competition and you have interest in that topic.

Not only this, there are many other things you have to decide before starting your blog.Therefore you should read this post and also get advice from other pro bloggers.And learn how to start a profitable blog before starting your first blog.

how to start a profitable blog

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How to research for starting a blog:

If you want to start a blog.But you haven’t started any blog before.And you are not sure that your blog would be successful or not then you keep a few things in mind.Which  are given below:

You interest:

You should choose a niche (topic) of your interest.Because, if you start your blog on a topic in which you have no interest or no knowledge then it would be very hard for you to make that blog popular.Because in blogging your would have heard that quality is the king.And how would you write quality content if you don’t have any interest in the niche of your blog.

Keyword research:

After selecting few topics of your interest, you should do a keyword research to find whether people around the globe are interested in your topic or not.For this you would have to research on two things:

1. Monthly average searches:

You would have to look for monthly average searches in Google for your main keyword.If you keyword has good number of searches, then it indicates a green signal for you.But still if there are good number of searches, it doesn’t mean that you should start your blog in that niche.You should look at the other things as well listed below:

2.Keyword competition:

This is one of the most important thing.If you start a blog without checking competition In your niche you are committing a big mistake.Because there are many niches which are very difficult to get success in.The reason is that there are already many popular blogs in that niche.And for a beginner like you, it is almost impossible to dominate the established blogs in that niche which are run by expert blogger.

So, looking for monthly searches, you should do research on competition as well.There are many tools for that like keyword revealer and long tail pro etc.

Blogging platform:

Another most important thing before starting a blog is deciding your blogging platform.I have written a complete post on this that will help you to choose your blogging platform.

How to select your blogging platform.

Advertisers and products:

Another important thing to look for when starting a blog is that you should check whether there are advertisers or affiliate products in your niche or not. Because if you are starting a blog for money then there are two main ways to earn from blog.And that are advertising and selling affiliate products. And if both of them are not available then there is no reason for starting such blog.

You would also have to look for cost per click of various keywords in your niche.For this you can use Google adwords program.

Final words:

If you want to start a profitable blog, then the things listed above are very important. If you start a blog blindly without any research, you can lose your money and time. Therefore it is my advice to at least do research on competition before starting a blog.


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