How to set up unmanaged vps to host wordpress site

Many bloggers search everyday to find some quality hosting. In my earlier posts, i have shared some basic knowledge about unmanaged vps, and have also mentioned the difference between shared hosting and unmanged vps.

As un-managed vps is much cheaper as compared to managed vps and even some shared hosting, i have advised in my previous posts that if you are passionate about blogging and if you want to explore and learn new things than you should buy an un-managed vps.

Today, in this post i will tell you step by step “how to set up unmanaged vps to host your wordpress site”.

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How to set up unmanaged vps:

Setting up an unmanaged vps to host your wordpress site/blog is not that much hard as people think. It required less then 30 minutes to do if you follow my guides correctly. After you install webuzo, you can easily host your site on your vps.

Here is the step by step guide to host your wordpress site on un-managed vps.

set up unmanaged vps to install wordpress

Step 1. Install centos or ubunto on your server:

This is the easiest step. You just need to login to your vps control panel and click on rebuild. Then select any version of centos or ubunto and click install at the end of page and you are done.

The installation need few minutes, so wait for few minutes before installing anything.

Step 2. Install any control panel:

To host wordpress site on your un-managed server, you would need to have a control panel.

There are many free and paid panels. The best panel that is mostly used is cpanel but it is paid. So, if you can afford cpanel then it is the best. If not, then there are many free panels as well like zpanel and webuzo etc.

As i am using webuzo, so here i will tell you the method of how to install webuzo. You can read the full step by step guide here.

Step 3. Add domain to control panel:

After installing webuzo or any other panel, you would need to add domain. You can add domain in webuzo by the same process as it is in shared hosting. But shared hosting give you nameservers to point your domain to your hosting but here you would need some dns service.

You can add dns straight away from vps control panel, but you can also add them if your domain is with godaddy,namecheap or any other reputable registrar who provide dns facility.

You can also use free cloudflare service to add dns setting for your domain. Cloudflare not only let you add dns, but it will also speed up your site. And if you have un-managed vps then it is highly advisable to use cloudflare, as it would speed up your site with the cache system as well as it will secure your sever by hiding your ip address thus decreasing the risk of hack attempts.

Step 4. Install wordpress:

After your domain is pointed to your vps, you can easily install wordpress automatically if you have installed cpanel or zpanel because both of them provides one click wordpress installation facility. But if you have installed webuzo, then you would have to install wordpress manually.

If you cannot install wordpress manually, then you can get trail of webuzo premium version and install wordpress with one click facility. But installing wordpress manually is also easy and requires only 2-3 minutes.

If you have any questions or want any suggestions, then feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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