How to protect your adsense from being used on another site

If you have adsense account, you would face a lot of difficulties because of the strict rules of google. As you all know that google is very strict about its term and policies and you can get ban from adsense even due to one invalid click. Therefore if you are using adsense, you should focus on a few things.

Protect your adsense account:

First of all to protect your adsense account, you need to get rid of invalid clicks. Because if someone clicks again and again, it could ban your account.

And some of your readers/ visitors may do this because they don’t know anything about google adsense. Or your competitors may do it to ban your adsense account if you site is more popular or has good ranking than theirs. Therefore you need to insure that your account doesn’t receive invalid clicks.

protect your adsense from being used on another site

Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem if your site is on self hosted wordpress. Because there are many plugin in wordpress that would stop invalid clicks from your site. You just need to install and configure one of those plugins and leave the rest on it.

But if your site is on another platform, then you would need to moniter it yourself at regular intervals during all the day. And if you notice any invalid clicks, you would need to remove the ads.

If your site is on self hosted wordpress platform, then click on the link below and read this tutorial that explains how to protect your adsense account:

Protect your adsense from being used on another site:

If you follow the above procedure and protect your adsense account from invalid clicks, still your account is not protected.

The reason is that, someone else might copy your adsense code from your site source code and use it on their own site and then ban it with invalid clicks.

Fortunately, there is also a way to stop this. Actually, you can not stop someone from using your adsense code, but you can protect your adsense account due to a features in adsense account called Access and authorization.

If you have added your site/sites in Access and authorization section in adsense account, then you would not get ban from invalid clicks on other sites because google will only consider the clicks from those sites that are added in access and authorization field.

To add you sites there follow these steps:

  • First of all login to your adsense account.
  • Click the gear option at the upper right corner and click on settings.
  • Click on the Access and authorization tab.
  • Enter you sites and click on save as shown in the image below.

protect your adsense via access and authorization   After following both of the guides given above, you adsense account would be fully secured. And after that you would need to check your adsense account once daily to ensure that everything is going fine.

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