How to no follow links in wordpress posts

No follow and do follow is such a thing that can have a deep effect on your site seo. You not only need many do-follow links to boost your ranking in SERPS, but also you site should have less number of do-follow links to other site. Because if your site has more do-follow links to other sites, link juice will flow from your site to other sites and your ranking would be effected.

So, in order to have good ranking in google and other search engines, you must no-follow low quality links on your site and keep only those links do-follow that are to highly relevant and high authority sites.

Unfortunately, there is not an option in wordpress post editor to make links in your posts no-follow. Therefore, you would need to make them no-follow manually by ad rel=no follow tag in your post html.

Many people would do it manually, but here i am having a more easier solution for you. Using this guide, you would be able to no follow links in your posts and pages with just one click.

Yes, you can do it by installing a no-follow button in your wordpress editor with a plugin, that i am now using from 2 years and it has helped me a lot in making links no-follow and to save my time.

No follow links in wordpress with a plugin:

As i have mentioned, after installing this plugin called Nofollow link, a no-follow button would be added to your wordpress editor. Using this button, you can easily no-follow a link with the method given below.

no follow links in wordpress

Here is a step by step guide to install no follow plugin and use it:

First of all you would need to install a plugin called nofollow link. You can download it from the link above or directly from the wordpress dashboard.

After installing and activating the plugin, go to post edit. There you will see a red button as in image below.

how to no follow links in wordpress using no follow button

Now to no-follow a link select your link and click on this button and rel=no follow would be automatically added to your link. You can check it would self from the text tab.

Final words:

As you can see this plugin just add no follow tag to your links, but doing it manually wastes your time. And if you have writing a long post, then finding links within html is also difficult, thus this plugin solves your this problem and saves your time.

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