How to install webuzo on Unmanaged vps

VPS stands for Virtual private server. You can read in this post, that there are two types of vps. One is called managed vps and another is called unmanaged vps. As managed vps comes with all the necessary things required to host a site on your vps, but it is not the case with unmanaged vps.

So, today i will thought you how to install a webuzo ( free alternative of cpanel) on unmanged vps and host your site on it.

Using Unmanged vps to host sites:

If your budget is low to buy a managed vps, then you don’t need to worry. Because you can upgrade from shared hosting to unmanged vps, which is much like managed vps but in unmanged vps you would need some technical skills to manage it and make it capable of hosting a site.

It is very difficult of  a non techie to host a site in unmanaged server without having any control panel.

The best and easy to use control panel is cpanel, but the problem is that it is not free and buying it would make its cost equal to that of managed vps.

For this purpose, you would need to find some alternative to cpanel. According to my experience, the best alternatives to cpanel are webuzo and zpanel. But as i am using free version of webuzo, therefore i have decided to first write a tutorial about how to install webuzo on unmanaged vps.

What is webuzo:

As mentioned earlier, webuzo is an alternative to cpanel that can be used to easily host sites on server. This simple installation of webuzo makes its easy to host site because it contains all the myseql and file manger etc. And if you install this, you wouldn’t need to install them separately.

Is webuzo free?

It had both free and paid versions. It has been a year now that i am using their free version and it has caused problem only one time and still with free version, their support them helped me in every manner. That’s why i am recommending it for newbies who cannot afford to buy cpanel.

How to install webuzo on unmanaged vps:

After buying your vps, you would need to do some preparation for webuzo installation. The preparation is that you would need to install an operating system such as centos or ubunto. I have installed centos 6.4 minimal and it is working fine but you can install anyone according to your will.

After that you would need an SHH software such as putty for installing webuzo. You can install Pully here.

After you finish installing putty, open it. Enter your server ip address and press enter. Then login to your root. First write root and press enter. Then enter your root password. After you successfully login to root, enter the following codes one by one.

  1. wget -N
  2. chmod 0755
  3. ./

how to install webuzo on unmanaged vps

After entering the codes, your webuzo would be installed on server and you would be given link for further installation process.

The link would be like yourip:2004 . Here you would need to replace yourip with your server ip and enter it in your browser. A form will open. You would need to fill and submit it and your webuzo panel would be fully installed.

After that you can access your webuzo panel by entering yourip:2002 in your browser.

(Note: replace yourip with your server ip address)

Final words:

As you can see webuzo installation requires only 3 codes and you can save a lot of money via this method instead of buying managed vps or buying cpanel for your unmanaged vps because it works pretty much the same way like cpanel and is free as well so why not save some money and manage a vps yourself?

If you face any difficulty or have any question, feel free to ask in the comments section below. I would be glad to help you out.

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