How to find good keywords

Keywords and their correct use can boost your traffic because search engines use keywords to find where to place a page in search results and if you want to get search engines, you would need to do keyword research and find good keywords that are easy to rank and profitable.

Finding good keywords:-

As i said good keywords are that which can get you more visitors for search engines and that good keyowrds are called long tail keywords.These (long tail) keywords are keyword phrases that has low competition and one can easily rank for those keywords with less effort.

Many people are earning good money by targeting such keyword phrases and then creating optimized content which need less or no off page seo.

Here are some of the benefits of long tail keywords:

  • They are easy to rank.
  • They have low competition.
  • Mostly people searches of these phrases rather then just keyword.
  • You can target multiple long tail keywords in one post.

How to find long tail keywords:-

Now if you know the importance of long tails keywords, you would want to know how to find these keyword phrases.To find these good keywords, you would need some tools that are called keyword research tools or long tail keyword research tools.Here are some of the famous keyword research tools:

Google keyword planner is a free tool while the others are paid but keyword revealer is free for three searches per day.You can enter your main keyword in these tools and them you will be provided with a lot of similar tools.You can then find long tail keywords from them and use them in your posts.

This was the short guide to find good keywords for your posts/pages.If you want to learn in detail, here are my guides which will help you to learn keyword research in depth:

Learn how to do keyword research for your sites.

Learn how to use keyword revealer.



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