How to earn from google adsense in pakistan

If you want to earn online in Pakistan. Than the best method which most of the people will advice you is online earning via google adsense. The reason for its popularity is that it is the advertising network of google and it pays much more then other advertising networks.

And due to good earning potential, most of the people advice this online earning method to newbie. And good thing about google adsense is that you would earn from your own business. You would create you own site and earn from it.

If you want to earn online in Pakistan, then read this guide and learn how to earn from google adsense in Pakistan.

how to earn from google adsense in Pakistan

Google adsense in Pakistan:

Google adsense like other countries, also operates in Pakistan. And it is the main source of income of majority of the bloggers and webmasters. If you also want to become a blogger/webmaster then your main focus should be on google adsense because i have already mentioned that this ad network give the best CPC (cost per click) rate.

Google adsense have different policies in different countries. And for Pakistan, it has its own policies and i unfortunately google adsense is much strict in Pakistan than other countries of the world. The reason is that many people here in Pakistan want to earn more without doing hard work. And that’s why they want to find shortcuts and thus they break the rules. This attitude of these people have forced google to make its rules strict for Pakistani people. Therefore, now a days it is very hard to get adsense approval in Pakistan. And many Pakistani accounts are also banned daily by google.

So, if you are serious about earning online with google adsense, then you would have to work hard for google adsense approval in Pakistan.

How to earn from google adsense in Pakistan:

There is not only singly way to earn with google adsense in Pakistan. You can earn via some different ways which are explained below:

Ways to earn with google adsense in Pakistan:

1.Earn from google adsense with your site/blog:

This one is the most famous and well known ways to earn with adsense. Most of the people only know about this way of earning from adsense.

For this, would have to create your own blog or site and then work and it and apply to google adsense. If google approve your application, then you would be able to place ads on your site and earn from adsense.

This is one of most hardest way to get adsense approval in Pakistan. And you would have to wait for six months and you should have a good blog for getting approval.

Learn how to earn from google adsense via your site.

2.Earn from youtube with google adsense:

Another method which is getting popular day by day is earning from youtube, by creating your own videos. Once you have uploaded you own videos to youtube, you can easily monetize it with google adsense and earn revenue from ads that would appear on your videos.

For this, would need hosted account. (you can also use your normal, non hosted account).

Hosted account is approved for google partner sites and use can use it only on google partnered sites not on your own site. Getting approval for hosted adsense is very easy and every one can get it. It doesn’t need approval process.

So, if you cannot blog, or google is not approving your site for adsense, you can easily earn by creating and monetizing videos at Youtube.

3. Other google partner sites:

You earn with hosted google adsense from other google partner site like hubpages etc. It is easy to get approval for these site like youtube. But in these sites you will not earn 100 percent of the revenue. Some of the percentage would be kept by these google partnered sites. But still it is best way to earn from those, who cannot afford to create their own blog, or if google doesn’t approve your application for normal adsense account.


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