How to delete theme from wordpress


Do you have a wordpress blog, and you have installed a lot of themes? if yes then you should delete all the unused these from your wordpress dashboard. The reason is that, if you install too much theme your hosting disk space will be consumed and another important thing is that, you site would be slow down that could irritate your readers and also move down your site in SERPS, because site speed is one of the ranking factor by google and other search engines. So, in order to make your wordpress blog/site more faster you would need to deleted unused themes from your wordpress dashboard.

This is an easy and straight forward process, but many people feel difficulty while deleting theme from WordPress and same was the case with me.

The reason is that in the new version of WordPress, it is a bit difficult to navigate the delete button, as it is in the bottom and it only appears when you click on the theme.

So, if you are not deleting your unused themes just because you are not finding the option to delete it, then this guide is for you.

NOTE: Do not delete the theme which you have activated. If you do so, your site will go down and you would need to activate another theme from phpmyadmin or ftp. So, in order to delete theme first activate another theme and them delete the one that is not activated.

How to delete theme from wordpress dashboard:

As i have mentioned earlier that it is very easy and straight forward process but it is difficult to find the delete button. So, here i am providing step by step guide with screenshots, so that you can easily find the delete button.

Step 1:

Click on the Appearance and then click on theme.

Step 2:

Hover your mouse pointer on the theme and click on theme details.

Step 3:

Click on delete button the the bottom of right side. Click on yes and your theme will be successfully deleted.

As you can see, this is very easy and simple process but the newbie blogger face difficulties in it, and i also faced the same problem that why i decided to create a tutorial on how to delete theme from WordPress blog.

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