How to start earning online

If you have a computer and internet connection and you want to earn online than you can, because there are many ways to earn online and many people are earning online which is a proof that online earning is possible.

If you want to earn online and start your online career but dont know where to start then this post is for you.

As i said earlier that there are many ways and different people and different sites will recommend you different ways but not all of them will work for you because every one has its own skills and you cannot earn online in every field.

First you need to find the right field for yourself and then work in that field.Otherwise you will end up earning nothing.

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How to start earning online:-

To start earning online,first you must find all the possible ways of online earning and then choose the right option for yourself.

Here, in this post you will find some ways to earn online.All of them are legit and you can earn from it.But my advice is to start in one field.

There are unlimited ways to earn online but here i am going to list only those which are the most popular and will earn you good income.

Start online earning with paid to post forums:-

There are many discussion forums which pays its members for posting on their forums.These forums are a great way to earn online and learn things about online earning because many of them are related to forex and online earning.

I listed this method first because this is a great way to learn about online earning.Although earning this way would not make you rich but it will earn you a few bucks daily which you can then use to start your site or invest in other things such as forex etc.

Here is a detailed post on how to earn from paid to post forums.

Here is a post about my favorite paid to post forum:goldentalk.

Start earning with gpt sites:-

GPT stands for get paid to.In these sites, you will complete short takes for some cents or dollars.

This is a good way to earn for beginners who doesnt have experience in other fields.Because if you want to earn from blogging and freelancing etc you will not start earning on the first day but with GPT sites you can start earning from the first day.

This method is for those who is newbie and dont know about other things because all other fields in online earning need good knowledge and experience.

If you want to start earning this way than join microworkers which is one of the most popular GPT site.

Start online earning from freelancing sites:-

This one is also like GPT but it is more professional and the tasks are more complecated and need some good knowledge and experience.

You can earn good money by being a freelancer.As there are many people who are earning living from freelancing and you can too but it needs some time.

You would not start earning on the first day because it needs reputation.You will only start getting orders when your reputation increases.So it needs patience and skills to start freelancing business.

Start earning online from your own blog:-

This one is my fovourite way to earn online.

Blog is a type of website which contains your own content like this one.You will write articles and will earn by placing ads etc on your blog.

There are many other methods as well to earn from your blog except ads and you can earn unlimited money from this method but it requiers alot of hardwork,knowledge and patience as well.

You can also start blogging as a hobby if you are a writer.There are many people who started their blog as a hobby and now earning good money from their blogs.

Blogging is a vast field and it needs some time to learn every thing about blogging plus you need to learn about other things such as SEO etc as well because blogging is not just about writing.Blogging is about taking care of your readers and search engines.

Thats why it is recommended to start blogging only if you like it and you have patience.Otherwise, you will end up wasting your time.

If you want to learn about blogging than read different blog about blogging frequently.Here are some of the popular blogs that teach you how to blog:

  • blog)

There are many other good blogs as well but these are enough to make you a good blogger.

Read:How to start blogging.

Start affiliate marketing to earn online:-

This one is the best way to earn online because the earning potential is very high and most of the bloggers and webmasters earn via affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means to promote products that you dont own and generate sales for commission.

There are many ways to sale products but most of affilate marketers use blogs etc to promote products.

You can also refer the products to other via emails and social sites etc and generate sales.

It depends on you how you promote products and generate sales but the main concept of affilate marketing is to use different ways to sale products and earn money as a commission.

Final words:-

Now you would have a rough idea about how to start earning online.You can choose any of the above method and start your online career today.

If you have problem in any of the above methods than you can follow different blogs and forums and learn about these methods in can also ask here in comments and i will be glad to help you out.


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