How to start blogging-beginners guide

Starting a blog is one of the essential step to start blogging.Infact there are many other steps to start a blogging.

If you are still a newbie and don’t know about blogging and blog,first read this post.

  Blogging  is one of the great way to share knowledge with world via internet.If you don’t know why you should start a blog read this post first and then come back here to learn how to start blogging.Why you should start blog.

Blogging is not just writing articles but the combination of many steps which are explained below.Read and follow it step by step to start a successful blog and become a well known blogger.

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Step1.Select a niche:-

Selecting a niche is very important.Although some people start without a proper niche and write articles on random topics.But if you select a proper niche you will get more benefit because you will get targeted traffic and targeted audience.

If you are blogging for money then the niche should be profitable.

For this go to google adwords keyword planner and search for keywords.Select the keyword which is profitable and have low competition with high average traffic per month.

Now for better ranking you should register a domain with the same keywords.

Step 2.Start a blog:-

Starting a blog now a days is very easy because of (CMS) content management system.These are software that make blogging easy and one can create and run a blog without knowledge of codes.

Select your blogging platform:-

There are many blogging platforms but the most popular and widely used platforms are blogger and wordpress.

Here you have two options:

Option 1:-

If you want a totally free blog go for or

It will provide you free subdomain and free hosting.Blogger is better for some reasons.

Option 2:-

If you want a  paid blog with some advance feature then go for is a software and need a hosting account for installation.

You will need domain name and hosting.There are many free and paid hosting providers.But the paid ones are good.

Step 3:-Design your blog:-

Designing a blog is very much important because it has either good or bad impression and as we know first impression is the last impression.

If you know coding you can do it your self.If you dont know you can but a premium theme.(Free themes are also availale).And ready to go.

If you need much better you can hire someone to customize your theme which looks more professional.

Step.4 Learn SEO:-

Seo stands for search engine optimization.Before start writing you should read some inpage seo.Because it is very important for good ranking in search engines.

One should learn basic seo before writing his first post.

Step.5 Start writing:-

When you have created your blog and learn basics of seo then its time to write your first post.You can write your first post about yourself and your blog and your goals about your blog etc.

Writing blog posts/articles is the very important step of blogging and blogs are made for content so write your blog posts regularly and always write high quality articles that gives value to the readers.


To start blogging you should first decide your niche.You can also start without it but it is important.Then select your blogging platform and create your blog using it.Design your blog and write your blog post by implementing seo techniques in it.

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