How to start blogging

    As you know that to share your knowledge and express your feelings and to share your experiences with other the easy way is to start a blog and write anything you want.
  In todays world internet is very common and every one uses it so solve his/her daily problems.And many people also want to help them and the platform which help them both in meeting thier demands is blogging.

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Advantages of Blogging:-

1. Blogging is a business,so you can start and run a good business by just writting,sitting infront of a computer.
2. You can also improve your writing with the help of blogging.
3. Searching for your posts makes you expert in your niche.
4.It makes you express your feeling and share your views about a particular topic with your audience.
5.It enable you build your audience.
6.It also let you earn money by sharing your knowledge.
7.You can also gain popularity from blogging.
8.You can build trust with people throughout the world.

How to start blogging:-

STEP 1(Decide your niche):-

    The first step to start blogging is to decide your niche (topic) because if you start blogging on any topic in which you are not interested or you have not complete knowledge in that particular topic you cannot get success in your blogging career.
    So pick any topic of your interest and start gathering knowledge on that topic and then with the help of your blog spread your voice throughout the world.

  STEP 2(Choose blogging platform):-

   Choose you blogging platform.There are many blogging platforms but the most used and popular are blogger and wordpress.
  Blogger is powered by google and is free to use.You can also add you own custom domain to your blog.
  If you want to use wordpress then you have two options.You can use free wordpress i.e and if you want to use better platform then you can use self hosted wordpress i.e

STEP 3(Choose blog address i.e domain name):-

   After choosing platform you have choose you blog address and for that you have to search keywords in your niche and include those keywords in your domain name .There are many tools available to do keyword research such as google keywords tool etc.
If you dont want a custom domain you will get a free sub domain with blogger and
e.g or if you want to use wordpress it will be like
  If you want your blog with custom domain in blogger or you will need to register your domain name with domain registrar such as godaddy or namecheap etc.
 If you want to use self hosted blogging platform i.e then you will have to register a domain name plus you will have to buy hosting.
 You can buy hosting from hostgator or bluehost or any other web hosting company.

Step 4(Design your blog):-

  After creating a blog the next step is to choose a theme and do some customization and design your blog.
 This step also include RSS subscription,contact page(you can create a contact form),about us page,privacy policy page,social networking pages for blog etc.

STEP 5(Start writing):-

  The next step is to start writing quality content.Content is the your main treasure in blogging it can be in the form of articles(written form),video,images etc.So this step is the basic step and basic reason of blogging.Do not copy any one but you can get idea from other blogs and can collect knowledge about your topic to write a perfect blog post.
 You can also add videos and to your blog posts to make is more beautiful and interesting.


  If we summarize the whole process of starting a blog it include deciding a niche and choosing you keywords for that.than you have to choose your blogging platform then you have to find a good domain name and then choose a theme and design your blog and finally write good and quality content(articles).

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