How to start a blog

Starting a blog means either you want to promote your business or you want to earn online from a blog or it can be a hobby to write online and share it with world. Starting a blog is very easy now a days and you can also create a free one as well.To start a blog you must follow some nesessary steps that are given below:

Find your CMS:-

CMS stand for content management system.This is the tool you will be using to run your blog on.Selecting the perfect CMS is a dificult as task but should select according to your need and budget.

Free or Paid:-

Selecting your blogging platform also depends on your budget.For example if you want a free blog then you can go with blogger or wordpress or tumblr etc.But if you want something professional you should go for which is a also a free software but requires to install on your own web hosting that requires investment(Although free hosting are also available but they are not recomended because of low quality and risk).

Start a blog with blogger:-

Blogger is one of the best blogging platform that is owned by google is very easy to use and free as well.You can also add a custum domain to your blog and there are also many premium free and paid themes avaialbe. Blogger can be the best way to start a blog without investment or for those who are just starting blogging.

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Start a blog with wordpress:-

There are two type of wordpress the one is and is like blogger.It is free to use but blogger is better in case you want to use free platform. The other one is that is a software and you would need to buy web hosting for that.Web hosting are not also very expensive but requires some investment.So if you can invest a little then you are supposed to go for it.

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If you want to start a blog you have many options and many platforms.You can start with totally free i.e free blogger,wordpress or tumblr etc blog.You can also buy domain and attach it to blogger blog.That is you will have your blog with own domain and a free host.And the last best option is to buy domain and hosting and create a blog with wordpress.


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