How robot.txt file boost my traffic

Robot.txt is a new feature in blogger.This file help search engines to crawl your blog.Actually this file is added to your template and whenever search engine crawl your blog it guides the search engine crawler to which part of the blog to be indexed and which to not.

Importance of Robot.txt file.

It is very important because it submit your sitemap to seach engines and also shows it where to crawl.And because of this search engine only crawl your posts and index it very quickly.Another benefit is that it helps not to make any duplication problems in google because it guides google and other search engine to crawl only the post from sitemap and thus it does not crwal your links from side bars and navigation etc and boost your traffic

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Wrong use of this feature can ignore your blog by search engine .So use it wisely and on your own risk.

How Robot.txt boost my traffic (my story).

While reading some blogpost i find an article about robot.txt and start gathering knowledge about it.I also read some comments and the people were complaining that they loose all their traffic after using this file.So i thought why not give it a try so i put the html code of this file on my blog and the results were awesome .My blog is new with only 7 posts and i had only 1 or 2 visitors per day but after using robot.txt file on my blog i start recieving 30 to 35 visitors per day and my posts also indexed in google immediately.So you should also give it try but remember its wrong use can cause you great problems and decrease in traffic.

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