How to do on page seo

  Seo stands for search engine optimization.It is the techniques used to rank you site/blog in search engines.It includes many things.But there are two basic techniques.One is called on page and other is called off page seo.
Today i am going to discuss about on page seo,it importance and ways to optimize your site with on page seo.
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What is on page seo:-

    On-page seo includes all the techniques used within site to rank your site in SERPS.It includes permalinks,meta description,keyword density etc.
On page seo is one of the easy and important way to rank your site because it doesn’t need any work outside your site.Every thing is in your own control and you can change things according to your own need.
It takes less time and is more beneficial.

Importance of on-page seo:-

   On page seo is the backbone of seo because if you have thousands of backlinks but no on-page optimization than your site will not rank. That’s is why on-page seo comes first and off-page later.
You can also rank your site by only on-page seo but you cannot rank a site only on off page seo.That’s why you should first learn and apply on-page seo because the off-page seo thing comes later and is not that much important as on-page seo.

How to optimize your site with on-page seo:-

   To optimize your site for search engines with on-page seo,you need to take care of some important things and you are done.It doesn’t need much time but it need to be done wisely and carefully.
Here i am going to mention some important things that are necessary for on-page optimization.

1.Keyword density:-

   When we talk of on-page seo, the first thing that comes in mind is keyword and keyword density.Keywords are the backbone of seo and without it,it is not possible to rank for anything because if you don’t have keywords on your site how will google find what your site is about.
   You can rank your site or post only with proper keywords if the competition is low,That’s why you should focus on this thing first and other things later.
Now a days if keyword density is high than you will receive a penalty from google and your posts will never rank therefore you are required to use it within limits.Usually bellow 2 percent is required.
If you are using wordpress as your content management system,then you can use plugins.These plugins such as seo yoast and all in one seo take care of every thing.You just need to enter your keywords in it and they will tell you keyword density in your post.
If you are using blogger then you will do it manually.Use your keywords one or two times per 100 words.
  Position of keywords is also important.For example a keyword in the first paragraph and last is very important.
You can also add your keywords in h1 and h2 headings etc.


   Links are very important as they are shown in search results and keywords are also high lighted in them.Google also consider it a ranking factor.
You just need to make it short and include only you keywords in it.For example check the link of this post.
If your post links show only numbers,then change it to post title from your CMS settings.It is necessary now a days for better on-page seo.


Images are very important and the way you use it is also important.Proper alt tag with image can boost ranking of your images and you can receive some traffic from google images as well.

4.Meta description:-

It is not much important but still you should write a good meta description for your blog and post because it is shown in SERPS and can increase you click through rate in search engines.
    There are many other factors as well, but these are the most important and you should not ignore it because these few things can effect your ranking a lot.
If you have not focused on these things before then its a time to work on it and you will definitely notice increase in your ranking and traffic.

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