How to do keyword research for niche sites

If you are planning to start a niche site and thinking about the most important part that is the keyword research, then you are at the right place.

Here i am going to write a step by step process to do keyword research for niche sites.

If you don’t know about niche sites and want to know about it and how to start one then read this post first and then come here and learn about doing keyword research for niche sites:

How to start a niche site-a step by step guide.

Keyword research for niche sites:-

To do a keyword research, you much keep certain things in mind because the success and profit of your site depends on your keyword research.If you select a keyword which has high competition or few monthly searches, then you will not be able to earn good money from it because to earn good from niche site, you need to have good traffic and the best source of free traffic is google and to get traffic from google, your site must rank in first or second page of google.

Ranking your site depends on keyword competition.If your selected keyword has low competition, you can easily rank it on first page of google and all the traffic from google will flow to your site which will result in good earning.

As i mentioned that earning from niche sites depend on traffic.So while doing keyword research  you must look to the monthly search volume of the keyword because if a keyword has low competition but low searches per month, you will easily rank your site but the traffic which you get from google will not earn you good money.

So, while doing keyword research for niche sites, you must keep these two points in mind.

Here are a few things that you must remember while searching for any keyword.

  • Keyword should have low competition.You can check the competition using long tail pro.
  • Keyword should have high search volume.
  • Keyword should have high CPC.
  • Niche of keyword should have advertisers and related products in sites like amazon etc.

 Tools for keyword research for your niche site:-

There are many free and paid tools for keyword research but some of the most used and famous tools are:

  • Google adwords keyword planner ( free)
  • Long tail pro (paid)
  • Keyword revealer ( freel for limited use).

Here is a detailed guide onow to use keyword revealer.

Step by step guide to use google adword tool:-

For keyword research, the most used tool is google adword keyword planner.The reason is that it is free tool and is owned by google, so all the statistics are correct.

Other famous paid keyword tools also use the results of google keyword planner, so if you can do other things manually like finding keyword competition etc than you don’t need to pay for other tools.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use google adword tool:

  1. Sign in to your google account.If you don’t have one the create google account first.
  2. Go to google adwords and click on tools, the click on keyword planner.
  3. Then click on the first option that says search for new keywords and ad group ideas.
  4. Then enter your keywords and select your desired location.
  5. Click on get ideas.
  6. A page will open.In this page navigate to keyword ideas.
  7. Now a list of all related keywords will open.You can select keywords according to your own need.

Here are images that can help you to understand the process.


keyword research  for niche  sites

keyword research  for niche  sites  2

keyword research  for niche  sites  3


keyword research  for niche  sites  4

 Long tail pro:-

longtailpro is one of the most used paid keyword research tool used by experts.Majority of the experts use long tail pro of finding keywords for their niche sites,and the reason is that this tool collect different long tail keywords from google keyword planner that are easy to rank.Another benefit of using this tool is that it also calculates the competitiveness of a keyword.
This tool can makes your blogging life very easy and can save a lot of your time.So if you want to be a professional in building and earning from niche sites and you have money to invest, then investing your money in longtail tail pro is a good choice.

How to use longtailpro  for keyword research for niche sites:-

Using longtailpro is as easy as using google adwords keyword planner.

  1. In the first step, you will start a new campaign and select location etc.
  2. Then connect your longtailpro software with your google adwords account.
  3. Then paste your primary keywords in your campaign and run it.Wait for a few minutes and when the loading completes you will have all the related long tail keywords in front of you.
  4. Take you time to check all of them.No need to hurry here because the success of your niche site depends on your keyword and if you select wrong keyword then either it would be difficult to rank or either it would not make you much money.
  5. Select as many keywords as possible.You can click on the star button for your favorite keywords.This will help you to select some good keywords and later on it would be easy to check competition of only those keywords which you have saved.
  6. After finding and saving keywords, now it is the time to check it competition.Navigate to ckeck competition menu and add your moz username and password there.If you don’t have one you can create it for free.
  7. Then add your keywords one by one.If the keyword competition is below 30 than it is easy to rank.

Keyword revealer:-

This software started as a free tool for long tail keyword reasearch but after a month or two it was changed to paid tool but still you can do three searches and seven evaluations for free each day and still i use it because of its ease of use.

Pros and cons of using keyword revealer for keyword research:


  • This tool is very easy to use.
  • You don’t need to install software, it is an online tool.
  • You can use it for free as well.
  • It is very quick and saves a lot of time.
  • Its evaluation feature is very accurate.
  • You can save your keywords.


  • It is a paid tool.
  • It doesn’t provide unlimited searches even in paid version.
  • Sometimes it shows unrelated keywords.

How to use keyword revealer:-

Using keyword revealer is pretty much same as using google keyword planner and even more easy than that.For detailed guide on how to use keyword revealer tool, you can read my other post.Link is given above.

Final words:

As i said earlier that if you want to earn from niche sites then you must give much of your time to keyword research because it is the building block of a niche site and if it is done correctly then it will save your time and you will easily earn good money with less effort.My advice is that dont pick keywords in hurry or in first attempt of keyword reasearch.Do you reaserch in differnt niches and then pick the best one for your niche site.
I hope that this post would help you in collecting keywords for your niche site but if still you need and help or you have any queries than i am here to help you.I would be glad to answer your question.Just use the below comment form for your question or you can mail me from contact form as well for further queries.


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