How to earn from youtube in Pakistan

   Youtube is the world largest video sharing site and is owned by google.This site was created by Paypal company but in 2006 google bought it and now it is the world largest video sharing site.
Not only this, this site is helping many people to earn some part time income and some other to earn full time income.
Yes, you are hearing right.You can earn unlimited money from youtube and that depends on the amount of effort you put it into it.

How youtube pays its users:-

   As i mentioned earlier that youtube is owned by google and that’s why google has introduced youtube partnership program to pay part of its earning to users.
  Users can earn from youtube using Adsense, which is also a google advertising program.This program enable its users to put ads on thier sites and youtube videos to earn from thier content.
   Youtube users can earn from many direct and indirect ways from youtube but the most direct and most used way is to become a youtube partner.
  When you become a youtube partner, then you can easily connect your youtube account with your adsense account and can start earning by showing ads on your video.

How to earn from youtube in Pakistan:-

   Now the question is how can we earn from youtube in pakistan?
  People of other countries can easily start earning from youtube but the people Pakistan cannot.The reason is, partnership program is not available in Pakistan.
  But still many people are earning handsome income from youtube in Pakistan.
  You will think.How?
  The answer is.There is a trick to become youtube partner in Pakistan and many people are earning by providing paid youtube partnership enabled accounts.
  This is illegal to sale accounts.And i know that this is also illegal to do tricks to enable partnership programs but this is working for many people and will work for you too if you follow is simple guide step by step.


Step by step guide to earn from youtube in Pakistan:-

   This trick just needs a few minutes and after that you would be having your own youtube partnership enabled account with a hosted adsense account.

Step 1:-

    Create a new google account and verify it.

Step 2:-

    Install ultrasurf.Ultrasurf is a free software that change your ip address and bypass firewall.This software will hide your identity and youtube will be unable to find that you are from Pakistan.This way you can change your country in youtube account setting and apply for adsense.
   To know more about ultrasurf and how it works read this step by step guide to use ultrasurf.

Step 3:-

   Now open ultrasurf. You will find three ips.Connect to one of them and then login to your google account.


Step 4:-

  Now go to your youtube account settings and change your country to UK or United States.
Click here for youtube account setting page.


Step 5:-

   Now click on enable which is written in front of monetization.See the image below.


Step 6:-

  Click on view monetization setting which is written in front of monetization.
  A new page will open.Click on the fifth option which says How will be i paid.Now you will be directed to adsense registration page.Create your adsense account but this time give correct details including country, name and address etc.


Step 7:-

  Wait for a few hours.You will receive an email regarding approval of your hosted adsense account.
 Remember,this is hosted account and cannot be used on websites and blogs.It will work only on youtube.

Step 8:-

 Now create quality videos and upload it to your channel.You will see your video views and earning in Adsense account.

Precautions while Being an Adsense partner in Pakistan:-

   You must follow the below given mentioned points to minimize the risks.

  • Do not copy other video.
  • Create your own video, do not violate copyright.
  • Use proxy.
  • Do not post prohibited content.

How to receive payment:-

   You can track your earning from your adsense account.When your earning reach $10 google will send you a letter to your home address which you have given while registering for adsense.There will be a code in that mail.You just need to enter that code into your adsense account and your account will be fully approved.
  Now you will receive money when your earning reach a minimum threshold of $100.
  There are various methods of receiving money but the most easy one is via Western Union.You can easily collect your money from the office of western union when your earning reach $100.

Final Words:-

   If you really want to earn online from youtube in Pakistan than this is the trick which people use and create these account and then sell it to people but it is really an easy method and you can do it yourself.
If you have any problem in the above steps feels free to ask in the comments section below.



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