How to earn form videos online

  Thousands of videos are created and uploaded daily to the internet. And many people are in this involve process.
Many people will think why they upload these videos?The answer is very simple.They do so to earn money online.Yes, there would be only few persons who upload videos online as a hobby or for non profit reasons.
But most of them will create and upload videos to earn online from these videos.
There are many methods shared online by many bloggers and writers of online earning but i think there are very few articles online regarding how to earn form videos online and the ways to earn online by creating and uploading videos online.
So, today i am going to share some ways to earn form creating and uploading these videos to internet.

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How to earn from videos online:-

Advantages of earning online from videos:-

Most of the people will think that what it make different and better to earn from videos then other ways.So here are a few points i think why uploading videos is a good way to earn online.

  • It is easy than other ways and require less time as compared to others.
  • The revenue could be high as compared to other ways to earn online.
  • There are many ways to earn from videos.
  • You can create videos on almost every thing.

Ways to earn from videos online:-

So you would be wondering if it is really possible to earn form videos, then how can one do so.
There are many ways and here i am going to list some of the easiest ways that will help you to start earning from videos at the moment.

Earn by uploading videos to youtube:-

When one thinks of videos the first thing that comes to mind is youtube because it is the largest brand and there are many visitors that watch videos.So if you start uploading videos to youtube it will be available for large audience and eventually earning will be also high due to more views.
So how to earn from youtube?
Well it is the easiest way because you would just need to enable monetization and apply for adsense because youtube is a part of google and they allow you to place ads on your videos via adsnese.
If you already have an adsense account then you are ready to go but if don’t have one then you can apply for it via youtube.
It is not hard to get adsense via youtube like getting it via your own blog or site.
The account you will create via youtube will be a hosted adsense account and it will be used only on youtube.

How to earn from youtube via adsense:-

After applying and approval of adsense, you will be able to place ads on your videos and you will notice views and earning in your adsense account the next day if you have videos with ads enabled in your account.
You will receive your earning when you reach the minimum threshold amount of $100.
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Earn form other video sharing sites:-

There are a lot of other video sharing sites like youtube which share revenue with members.So can try them as well and earn with your videos.
The second largest videos sharing site after youtube is daily motion and it also has revenue sharing program.Even you can earn by sharing other as well as your videos on facebook,your blog etc. Isn’t it cool?

Earn by selling videos online:-

You can also earn by selling your videos or creating videos for other who need it.
Just join freelancing sites and receive offers and earn by creating videos for others.
You can also create videos for other for $5 on fiverr.If you don’t know about fiverr then read this article: How to earn online by selling services on fiverr for $5 each.

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Earn from your videos indirectly:-

Many people use youtube and dailymotion to earn indirectly.They promote certain products and earn huge commissions.
If you want to earn from this way than join any affiliate program online and start promoting that product by creating videos about it and then upload it on youtube and dailymotion.
Usually the earning form this method will by much high if you do it correctly.


It it very much possible to earn form video online and you can earn more than other ways.So if you are good at creating and editing videos then select one of the above given method  and start earning online via videos today.

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