How to earn online from paid forum posting

Now a days there are many discussion forums where the members can ask questions and the other members post their reply.It is a great way to learn from experts in the same field and also a platform where people shares their views and experiences with each other.
There are some forums that pay its users for posting and running the forums.So it is a good to learn some new things plus earn some dollars a day.
Read how to create a verified paypal in unsupported countries to recieve your earning from paid to post forums.

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Paid Forum posting:-

These sites/forums are known as PTP(paid to post forums).There are many forums that pay per reply or starting a new thread.Usually they pay 2-3 cents per post but it is easy to work on these forums as compared to PTC(paid to click sites),or paid to read or captcha entry etc.Because it require to comment on posts as people comment on facebook and blogs but here they are also paid which is extra benefit to the user.

How to work on paid to post forums:-

Working on these forums is very easy.You need just to sign up at their member area then confirm the email and you are ready to post.But before posting it is advisable to read the rules of the forum because if you not follow the rules they will deduct your earning or they may delete your account and can ban you permanently.
Also note that create only a single account from one ip because if they detect multiple accounts from one ip address they will delete all the accounts.
You can also earn from the referral system by referring your friends to the forum and earn commission.


   Moderator are the staff members of the forum that keep an eye on every posts and delete the post that are spam,post chasing, plagiarism etc.
   So use paid forums not just for earnings but add value to users/members by writing post that worth reading.

Some Paid to post forums:-

   There are many paid to post forums.When you join one you will find many other in that forum because all of these forums are about online earning.You will learn new things and new sites and also there will be category about PTP forums.So you can find other forums there and also the members reviews on that forums that will let you know which is worth trying and which is not.


  Postloop is a little bit different but the rate per post is very high.You will be posting comments on other sites unlike other ptp forums where you will post in the same forum.
  Before start earning they will take a test in which you will post ten posts on their own forum and after approval you will be able to start earning.
  Join postloop here.


  This one is my favourite because this forum is live and paying from long time unlike other that stop paying after some time.The moderators are very active and the discussion is full of knowledge because the moderators delete every post that is unrealated.
 They pay 2 to 20 cents per post.Join goldentalk here.


   This is a forex forum where you can learn forex as well as earn from posting.Join fxfred here.

Money earning forum:-

   This forum is about online earning.There are many members and they are paid regularly.Join it here.


  There are many ways to earn online but earning with paid forum posting is the best way to earn online for beginners as compared to other ways.And it can be useful because one will learn about the new methods of online earning as well as he will earn more as compared to ptc,ptr etc.


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