How you can earn from youtube videos

Youtube is the worlds largest video resource site and everyone can find or add any video.Many people get solved their problems daily after watching tutorials etc and for many it is a source of entertainment.

But for many it is a source of income and even many people earn a living from it.So, it you are good at creating videos, then you can earn some money from youtube as well.

How to earn from youtube:

There are many methods to earn from youtube but here i am going to explain the most important ones which are used by many people and they will earn you good as well.So, if you want to start working today on youtube, then select one of the method listed below and start your work.In the beginning, it will need some hard work but after that you will ave many videos and therefore traffic will also increases.You will also learn how to find low competition keywords and how to rank your videos when you become expert. Here i am going to list only the methods through which you can earn from youtube.

The most popular way:Earn from adsense:-

This is one of the most used way to earn from youtube.As youtube is owned by google, so they allow people to place their adsense ads on youtube videos and earn from it.If you have adssense account, you can integrate it with your youtube channel in a few minutes and start earning by just uploading your first video.But if you dont have adsense account then you don’t need your website to get adsnese and then use for youtube.You can create hosted adsense account which you can use for youtube only.

If youtube partnership program is not avialable in your country, then use this trick to earn from youtbe:

How to become YouTube partner in Pakistan and other countries.

how to earn from youtube

Earn from affiliates:-

You can also earn good by promoting product on youtube via videos.You will create videos about products like product reviews and then place your affiliate link in the description or if you have a niche site on that product, then you can place the link your site in description.It will bring some visitors to your site and some of them will buy your products as well, which will earn you money.

Monetize your videos from other sites:-

If youtube partnership program is not available in your country, you can still earn from your videos.There are sites which will monetize your videos and give you some share in revenue.This is also a good way for those the people of those countries where youtube partnership program is not viable.Through this method you will earn less than other methods but still it is better than using adsense with fake youtube profiles for the people of that countries where you cannot earn from youtube via adsnese .Because if you use fake account details, your earning would be at risk all the time.So it is better to earn less then nothing.

So, this was a short guide on how to earn from youtube, if you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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