How to create discussion forum

There are many types of web sites.One of them is discussion forums.It is a type  of web 2.0 web property.And used for various discussions.And therefore it is called a discussion forum.

Discussion forums are a great way to learn and discuss things.There are thousands of discussion forums out there in the internet.And many new ones are created and started each day.

You may have used some of them.If no, then it is a type of site where you would register and then post new threads in different catagories, or reply to the old ones.

What is the benefits of discussion forums:

Disscussion forums are great for educational purposes.Like, if you are interested in any topic.You can join forums on that topic and then ask questions and reply to other people’s posts.You c an also read other posts to learn things if you don’t want to register and post.

There are many other forums as well, which are just for fun and people share their experiences with other.In either case, if it is for learning or for sharing experiences, forums are great for discussion and that’s the reason, they have grown very much in the last few years.

how to create discussion forum

How forums are started:

Now a days, you can start a forum for free as well as you can start paid forum.But the best thing is, you don’t need any technical skill such as coding to create your own forum.You just need some knowledge of domain and hosting and you are ready to go.

There are many free and paid forum platforms, that you can use to start your own discussion forum.

Free forum platforms:

There are many free discussion forum platforms like mybb which you can install on your hosting and your forum will be live within few minutes.

Paid forum platforms:

There are some paid discussion forum platforms as well which provide much better user expericne and features then free forum platforms.And if you want a professional look then you should use them.

You can also hire a developer who will design a completely unique discussion forum for you.So, you want a discussion forum for your company that looks completely unique.You can create your own unique forum as well.

Steps to start a discussion forum:

To start your own discussion forum, you would need a domain name and hosting.If you want to create a discussion forum for your site, then you should use sub domain of your main domain.But if you want to create a forum on main domain then, you should buy or register a domain first.

Then you would need a hosting.You can buy any reliable hosting.But you should look for one click installation in your hosting.If you want to install free or paid forum scripts on your domain with one click installation then you would have to look to this feature before buying hosting.Otherwise, you would have to install your scripts manually which could be a little tough for you if you are not a techie.

Then, you would have to connect both hosting and domain.For this, update your domain nameservers and point them to your hositing account.After this, install your favourite script on it and your forum will be live in few minutes.

Final words:

Now a days if you want to start a discussion forum.And you have not created it before, then it is very easy and same like installing wordpress on your hosting.If you want to start your discussion forum, then follow the above steps.If you find any difficulty in the above steps feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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