How to create a discussion forum

Now a days there are a lot of discussion forums that covers many topics around internet.People who are interested in particular topic,select a forum with large number of members and ask their question there and also answer other people questions and share their experiences.These forums have member which are mostly experts and you can find really helpful answers for your questions.

If you are interested in any perticular topic and and you search around internet for forum and didnt find any or they are very few,you can start your own.

Or if you want to earn money from a discussion forum from sponsor ads etc you can also create one.There could be many reasons of starting an online discussion forum,but you should go for it according to your own need and choice.

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Requirements for discussion forum:-

If you decided to create a discussion forum,you can go for it and start one,it is an easy process because of the availability of free and paid softwares now a days.

Things you need in order to start a discussion forum are listed below:

Domain name:-

It is the name and identity of your discussion forum and represent your forum.People will reach to your forum from this name.Like etc. there are many available option like .com .net .org and many other.Some are even free.

You can decide, if you want free domain name go for free tlds or a free sub domain.If you want a custom domain register one with any reputable domain registrar such as namecheap,i personally uses namecheap which is one of the best domain registrar and their prices are also better as compared to other domain registrars.


Hosting is memory like your computer hard dish where your site and all its data exists and connected to internet and therefore is visible to whole world via internet.

There are many free hosting providers and they offer some good services for free.It is worth to try them if you are not able to buy a paid hosting.There are numerous and you can find the best one.Just search for it in google and read people reviews about them and then decide which one to use.

But if you want excellent service without any risk of account deletion etc then you should go for paid hosting.It doesn’t cost much.The cheapest starts from $ 3 per month and they provide good customer support and help you regarding any problem.

You can change your hosting company any time,So if you want to go for free and then upgrade then it is possible or if you didn’t like your hosting you can easily buy it from another company.

Forum software:-

In order to create a forum on your domain,when you register a domain and buy hosting then you need to install some forum software and its all done.These software will do every thing for you, and you will get a live forum in few minutes,all you need to install the software.

Regarding installation of software,it depends on your hosting.If it provide one click installation,its good and now a days most of these hosting companies provide this facility even free hosting providers also provide this facility.

But if your hosting lack this option then you need to do all this installation process manually which is a bit harder thing and requires some time and knowledge.

Free or paid forum software:-

As i said earlier that there are numerous softwares,some are free and some are paid.The free ones are also good and word well but the paid one have more advance feature.

Again it depends on you,which one you want to use.Here i am listing some of free and paid forum softwares.Just search for them in google,read reviews about them and then decide which one you want to use.

Free forum softwares:-

1. phpBB:-

2. mybb

3.Simple Machines Forum

Paid forum softwares:-



  So this is the list of some free and paid softwares to buid a discussion forum with.There are many others but these are the famous and widely used.You can also use of them to create your first discussion forum.
  After you have a live forum,invite your friends etc to sign up to your forum.If possible find some moderators or hire.
  Moderator are those who make quality control and delete irrelevant comments etc.
  Enjoy your new forum.Work on it to make members and apply some seo and build links to it for seo and traffic purposes.

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