How to create a blog site

Blog is type of web site that is used to share information i.e it contain articles.Blogs are used to share your knowledge online or promote any perticular topic.Blogger is like writer but he is online writer and also takes care to manage and promote his blog.There are many blogs throughout internet and daily many new posts are published that helps people worldwide to solve their problems and gain knowledge.

A person will work hours to find something but he will not succeed but when he search his term on search engine he will find many helpful articles that will solve his problems in minutes.This is the exact meaning of blogging.

Although bloggers earn good amount of money from their blog but still they are helping people are spreading their voice and knowledge.

So,it means you can earn as well from blogs and that is really a nice way to earn while helping others.

So the question arises how to start a blog.Fortunately,now a days there are many free and paid platforms/softwares that help you create your own blog site in few minutes without any hard work.You can create a live blog at a moment you are reading this post.

I am going to share some ways to create a free and paid blog site.If you are interested to create one go for any way listed below that suits you.

Free blog:-

If you want a total free blog,there are many platforms that can help you.You just need an email account and you are ready to go.Some of them are blogger,wordpress and tumblr etc.They will give your own sub domain and free hosting up to some limits but that is more than enough.

I will recommend blogger because it is google platform and is free plus they lets you to earn from your blog and they will not show any ads on your blog.There are many free templates that you can use on your blogger blog to make it look professional blog like you can visit my blogger blog i.e i have attached a custom domain and i am using a free premeim template which is like a paid template.So if you are interested in creating a free blog your first priority should be blogger.

There are other platforms as well such as wordpress and tumblr etc.You can also check them out to understand blogging and how to create a blog site.

Paid blog:-

For paid blog you will need a domain name and web hosting.You can use free software that is called CMS means content management system and simply called blogging platform.The advantage of this type of blog over blogger etc is that you will enjoy ownership and you could sell your blog or you can do anything with it you wish.

Another advantage of self hosted wordpress is that is has many free and paid themes and plugins that automate each process.And that is the reason majority of the professional blogger use self hosted wordpress.

This was a short and straight forward guide about creating a blog.There are many other tutorials about creating a blog site which i will discuss in other topics.If you are interested in blogging than i have another blog that contains all the information regarding blogging i.e can learn many things from it.In case of any problem you can always contact me.


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