How to create a blog on blogger.

Blogger is one of the most used blogging platform.Many blogger start their their blogging career with blogger because it is free and owned by google therefore there are very less chances of loosing your data by hacking etc.
If you are beginner and dot know about blogging read first my article on what is blog,blogging and blogger. 

Advantages of Using Blogger as a blogging platform:-

1. The first and foremost advantage is that blogger is a free blogging platform and thats why many bloggers almost including all beginners start their blogging career with Blogger.
2. It is easy to use with many free templates that need no knowledge about coding.But for advance designing and customization it is required but its ease of use for the beginners make it more demanded.
3.It also gives a free sub domain so those who dont want to spend money on registering a domain name can also use it .
4. Easy to design theme and make changes in it.

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How to start a blog on blogger:-


1. Go to blogger.
2. Sign with your google account.
3. If you have not one create here.
4. When you sign in to blogger,complete your profile.
5. Click on new blog.
6. Fill the form with your blog title,address(i.e your blog url e.g and check if it is available or not.If it is not available try another.
7. Select a template from the list and click create blog.
8. Your blog with online in few seconds.
9. You can write your first blog post by clicking on new post and then write your article inside it.
10. You can also upload new professional looking0 template from here.
11. You can design and make changes in your template from layout and template tabs from your dashboard.
12.From setting you can also make changes in your blog according to your will.

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