How to create anchor text

Anchor text or hyper link is a link that contain a link inside text.It looks like a plain text but when someone clicks on the text it opens the link which is present in it in browser.These links are called anchor text or a hyper link.

These links are created with html codes.Some tags are used for creating such text.There are many tages such as no follow tag,dofollow tag,tag to open link in new window etc.

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I am going to explain how to create anchor text using some html tags.

Importance of hyperlinks:-

Before learning how to create these anchor texts/hyperlinks,it is important to know why these types of links are used.

It plays a major role in (SEO) search engine optemization because to rank your pages in SERPs,you need inbound links or simply backlinks.And when you create backlinks you should use hyperlinks for more effective results because when you use hyperlinks you rank your pages for keywords which is used in hyperlinks.

So for higher ranking in search engines,anchor text is used when you are running a backlink campaign or simply building links.

Another advantage is that these links increase chances of clicking on links and thus improve CTR.Because when someone notice an attractive sentence he will click on it but in contrast when some notice a url he will not click on it because he dont know what the url is about.

If someone clicks on link that is not a hyperlink,there are more chances that he will click back and leave your site thus increasing bounce rate.

How to create a hyperlink/anchor text:-

To create a hyperlink,you should use the following given tags.Learn them and use links in them with your keywords.If you are using blogging platforms than you will not need them because there is option for linking pages in post editor.But when you are building links,you will need them.

You should learn the use of no follow tag as well because if you are a blogger or web master,you should link the other sites with no follow tag.

Some of the widely used anchor text is given below:

Simple Anchor text:-

<a href=”https://url”>text</a>

This is the simple anchor text html tag.To use it just change the url with your link and text with your text.Use keywords in it and make it attractive.

Anchor text that opens in new window:-

To reduce the bounce rate of your blog/site you should use this html tag.When people will click on this type of anchor text,the link will open in new window of browser.It is also important in terms of SEO.

<a href=”https://url/” target=”_blank”>text</a>

again replace the url and text with your own link and text.

Anchor text with no-follow text:-

As i said earlier that no-follow tag is very important.Google indexes only that links that is do-follow,which means the links that don’t contain no-follow tag.

Therefore,when you link to other sites from you site,you should make the link no-follow using this html tag.

 <a href=”https://url/” rel=”nofollow”>text</a>

Replace the url and text with your own.

Anchor text with both no-follow and blank tag:-

This tag is used when you want to make a  link nofollow as well as you want that the link open in new window than use this tag.

<a href=”https://url/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>text</a>

As you can see that this html code contain both nofollow as well as blank tag.

So,this was a short guide about how to create hyperlinks.If you have any problems,you can ask here in comments.

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