How to create an anchor text

                           Anchor Text

What is Anchor text:-

    Anchor text is a text with link in it and when someone click the text it opens the link in the  browser.

What is the use of Anchor text:-

  Anchor text is very important for blogger and web masters because it is very important for seo and link building(building backlinks).
 As we can write the url directly so why we use anchor text.The answer is anchor text does not show you which url is inside the text and the reader also click when they found it interesting and we can make it interesting with text that touches the heart.

How to create anchor text:-

  Anchor text html codes and there are many types of anchor text.Following are some examples of anchor text:

Example 1(simple anchor text):-

  This anchor text is opened in the same window of the browser and is do follow.It is the simplest anchor text:

                               <a href=”https://url”>text</a>

  In red portion insert your url and in yellow put your text.

Example 2(Anchor text that opens in new window):-

   If you want that when someone clicks on your anchor text and it opens in other window/tab of browser then use this html code.
                        <a href=”https://url/” target=”_blank”>text</a>
     Change your url witth red portion and text with yellow.

Example 3(Anchor text with no follow tag):-

   No follow tag is used when you want search engines not to crawl on these links.
   To create no follow anchor text use the following html code
                         <a href=”https://url/” rel=”nofollow”>text</a>

Example 4(Anchor text with no follow as well as open in new tab):-

  If you want a anchor text with no follow as well as you want the link to open in new tab than use this code.
                     <a href=”https://url/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>text</a>

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