How to capture a screenshot on PC

Have you ever wondered how to capture your screenshot?This is a very easy method but many people are unable to do it.And the no of searcher for this term in google is a proof that many people don’t know how to capture a screenshot.

That’s why today i am writing a guide to make it easier for people to capture their screen without any problem and wastage of time.Because when people search for this term on google they were given softwares etc.

You can use software but there is a direct method as well in which you don’t need any software and can capture your pc screenshot within seconds.

Here i am going to discuss both methods i.e using software and without using software.

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Step by step guide to capture your pc screenshot without any software:-

1.To start with the process open the page which you want to capture.Here i am opening yahoo as an example.

2.Press the print screen button on your keyboard.

3.Open paint and press control plus v.

4.If you want only selected part of page than cut that part and paste it in a new paint.See the image below.


Capture a screenshot using software:-

The easier way is to use some screen capturing software that can capture your complete screen with one click.

There are many softwares but the one i use is very simple one and its name is Capture-A-Screenshot.

If you want to download this one click here.

Here i will write about how to use this software i.e capture-a-screenshot.If you want to use some other software than you can and roughly all the software have the same procedure as this one.

 How to use capture-a-screenshot:-

First of all download the software from the above link.After download install it and open it.This software looks like this:

You have three option.If you want to capture the whole screen then mark the first option and if you want to capture a selected portion of your screen then mark the last option.

Name your image.

Minimize the software and open the page which you want to capture.Now open the software again and click on capture.If you have marked to capture the selected portion then your mouse arrow will change.Use your mouse and cut that part of screen which you want to capture.After you complete cutting it, the image will automatically store in your preferred place.

Now you have an image that you wanted to capture.If you want to edit it you can edit it or can use as it is.

This is very simple process and anyone who have basic knowledge of computers can do it easily.easily. Btw if you have any problem,feel free and ask in the comments section below.I am here to help you out.

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