How to back up your blogger template

If you are a blogger user and want to do some changes in your template or adding some codes in your template than you should backup your template because if something went wrong and you want to recover into your original template than you will have no option other than to design a new template from start .So for this reason you should back up your template every time before doing some changes in it.

                                  Photo attribution by Sean MacEntee

Steps to backup a blogger template:-

1. Sign in to your blogger account here.
2. Select your blog from which you want to backup your template.
3. Go to template from your dashboard.
4. Click on backup/restore on the upper right corner.
5. Click on download full template and save it in your hard drive.
Now you have a copy of your template and you can do any changes in your template.

Steps to upload your back up template:-

If something went wrong with designing your template you can easily upload your backed up template with the following steps:
1. Sign in to blogger.
2. Select your blog.
3. Go to template from dashboard.
4. Click on backup/restore.
5. Click on browse and upload your backed up template from your hard drive.
6. Click on upload.

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