How to get approved adsense account in Pakistan

Most of the Pakistani and other Asian blogger thinks that the only way to earn via blogging is adsense.Because after reading comments on blog posts that are related to adsense and reading posts in blogging groups in facebook, everyone wants one thing to earn online.And that is google adsense.

Due to this concept every new blogger lose hope when google doesn’t not approve his application and quit blogging.And many people have started selling these account.

Now when many people get rejected by google, they buy adsense account from some seller, but they don’t know that why adsense rejected their application and if they use the same blog with any other account, google will block/disable it as well.

So, the conclusion is: to get approved adsense account in Pakistan and other Asian countries where google is strict in terms of adsense approval, you must comply your site/blog with google policies, otherwise you will never get adsense approval in Pakistan.

Get approved adsense account in Pakistan:-

Here are some important things which you need to get approved adsense account in Pakistan.

 Start a professional looking blog:-

You should start a blog which is professional looking.Like the first thing is you must have a top level domain that is .com, .net .org.

If you start a blog with free blogspot domain then it is very hard to get adsense approved in Paksitan and other third world countries.

Then, you should have a premium theme and a few other pages to make you blog professional.My advice would be to start a blog on wordpress, because wordpress blogs are more professional and optimized for seo.

Here is a detailed guide on how to make your worpdress blog look professional.

Add some important pages:-

Then you should add some important pages in your blog.The first one being a Privacy policy page should be in your blog because google doesnt approve blog without these pages for adsense.

Here is a list of pages that are important for google adsense account approval.

And how to create a privacy policy page.

Add quality content:-

The most important thing for google adsense approval is quality content.Google has written clearly in its policies that copyright content is not allowed.

So, in order to get approved adsense account in Pakistan, you must write you content yourself.Content should provide value to readers and it should be unique.

My advice is to write more than 500 words posts and write a post daily because most of the time blogger are rejected for insufficient content.


In order to get adsense, your must get traffic from google. And for that you need to do some seo.If you are newbie and don’t know about seo, you must read blogs and participate in discussion forums to learn at least the basic seo.

Because when you have some good traffic from google you will easily get adsense approval.

I have also written some articles about seo, you can find them here.


Navigation is also one of the most important for adsense approval because when adsense bot crawl you site and didn’t index all of your pages it may reject your application for less content.And it happens with many blogger.

So, you must have good navigation system in your blog.You can install wordpress plugins etc for better navigation.

You should also focus on interlinking because it also helps in better indexing and seo.

These are some of the important things to get adsense approved account in Pakistan.For more detailed information you can read this post.It will help you to get compete knowledge about adsense approval and it policies and guidelines.

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