How to add pdf button to wordpress

Most of the time bloggers needs their blog post in pdf format.Because you can submit you posts to some sites like slideshare etc only as a pdf.To do so, they search for softwares and sites that convert webpages to pdf format.

But today, i am going to tell you about a plugin that will add downlaod pdf and print button at the end of your posts.It will also help your readers who want to save your posts with them.They would be able to downlaod your posts with just one click in pdf format and then they can read them later or send it to their friends etc.

This plugin also adds a print button, which will help you and your readers to print your post with just one click.

The plugin is called print friendly and pdf i am using it on my blog and it adds pdf button to wordpress blog posts.You can find it at the end of my posts.

Print friendly and pdf plugin for wordpress:-

So,to downlaod your wordpress post you need to download this plugin.It takes just two minutes to set up.Here i am going to write a step by step guide to add pdf button to your wordpress posts via print friendly and pdf plugin.

Step by step guide to add pdf button to your posts:-

1.Login to your wordpress dashboard and go to plugins.Click on add new plugin and type print friendly and pdf and install it.

You can also download it from here.

add pdf button to wordpress

2.Activate the plugin and then type your site url in the browser.Open any of your post and look at the end of post, you will find a button like this:

how to add pdf button to  wordpress

3.When you click on this button, a new window will open.At the top of this window you can see three option that are print,PDF and email.You can print your post or download it in pdf or you can also email this post to someone.

Install pdf button in your wordpress posts

You can also use other site which can convert webpages to pdf but the advantage of this plugin is that it is 3 in 1 as it allow you to print and send webpage in email as well.

If you want to download any other page in pdf then you can use web2pdfconverter.This site can convert any webpage to pdf with just one click.You just need to add the url of the page and click on the download as pdf button and you will receive that page as pdf.

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