Guest crew $10 contest with payment proof

Want to earn some bucks online.Every one want to earn from the comfort of his home and thats why when you search on google “earn online” or “how to earn online” you will find thousands of search results and many articles discribing different ways.

So today i want to tell you how to win $ 10 daily from guest crew contest.Yes this is not online earning site but a contest where u have a chance to win $ 10 daily.

Even i have win $ 10 for two days. Payment proof is present below.

So what is guest crew:-

Guest crew is a site which connects both blog owners who needs guest posts and advertizers or guest posters.

Guest crew contest:-

And guest crew has started a contest form 1st march 2014.If you win this contest you can earn $ 10 per day.

The one will be winner who publish most posts in guest crew forum and $ 10 will be sent to his/her paypal account.

The contest is for the whole month and there is still much time so click on this link and join guest crew.

Not only this but there is another contest and the winner will be awarded with $100.

It will be the one who promotes this contest on social networks and on his/her blog the most.So you cannot only win $10 every day but can also win $100 by just promoting this contest everywhere.

To participate in $ 100 contest register on guestcrew site and then promote this post and then post the promotional links with your username in comment on the post.

Here is my payment proof, sent to me by the admin of this site.

If you like this contest and want to win $10 daily join guest crew you will learn many new and helpfull things from guest crew forum as well as you will get a chance to win $10 daily.

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