Google new ranking factors revealed

Google changes its ranking factors regularly to provide quality to its users.But they never reveal all of their ranking factors.Therefore bloggers and webmasters do experiments regularly to find out ways to rank their site or in other words to find out google ranking factors.

After reading several experts posts i am here to tell you a few of the most important google new ranking factors, So that you keep it in mind during optimizing your sites for google.

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google new ranking factors 2015 revealed

What are google new ranking factors:-

As i said earlier that google changer its ranking factors regularly and do not reveal the way how they rank sites but still may webmaster are ranking their sites by applying different techniques.If you also want to rank your site then you must keep yourself updated and find out about new google ranking factors.

Although the exact list is known to google only but here i am going to mention only the major google ranking factors that will help you to rank your sites and posts and get some traffic from google.

Google new ranking factors about Content:-

In the last few years,goolge has done alot of work in determining the quality of content and now google can differentiate between two posts on the same topic.

If you want to rank in 2015 then you should create unique content that gives value to your readers and it should be long because it is one of the single that tells google that this post contains more and useful content.So, try to create long post covering each and every aspect of your topic.

Another thing which you should remember that google can find whether the image in the post is related to the content or not irrespective of the Alt text.So you should choose best related images.

Now a days google can find about the topic and keywords.So placing your keywords in title and headings are enough for google to tell that this post is on this topic.Using many keywords in your posts can harm your ranking.Use your keywords just naturally and keep the keyword density very low in the content.

You should also use images and videos but it makes your content more appealing in the eyes of google and other search engines.Moreover, videos help you to decrease bounce rate because visits stay for more time when they watch video.

Google new ranking factors about backlinks:-

Google says that they had reduce backlinks influence but according to my experience it is not correct.So, in 2015 you would have to work with link building as well if you want good ranking but you will have to build quality links that are related to your content.

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Google new ranking factors about site structure:-

Google also gives importance to site structure such as coding,load time and external links etc.So to have good ranking your would have to keep your site search engines friendly by keeping the code clean and working on site load time.You would also need to keep the external links in limit as well as they should be related.

Google has also added SSL to their ranking factors and they give a little boost to the ranking of that sites which have ssl enabled but this factor is very minor, so if you cannot afford SSL certificate then let it be and keep working on your site without is because it is very minor factor.But if you can afford it then it would be a good investment because in future may be it become a strong ranking factor.

Social signals:-

Over the past few years google have started to look at the social signals as well.And many of the pro bloggers have used this to rank their sites in SERPS.

Social engagement will not only bring traffic to your site from these sites but will also boost your ranking.So working on social sites can help a lot.

Here is the post in which Matthew Woodward described how he ranked his sites using social sites.

Final words:-

So, the were some of the most important google new ranking factors for 2015.These are not all the ranking factors but these are the most important ones which you should consider if you want traffic from google and other search engines.There are many other factors which are not known yet but they are very minor and you can rank well by following the above guidelines.

If you have any question or want to discuss about these ranking factors then leave a comment below and i will answer it.


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