Google adsense in pakistan

Google adsense is one of the best online advertising platform for publishers. And bloggers and webmasters from Pakistan are also able to get benefit from this platform and monetize their content. If you belong from Pakistan and want to earn from your site/blog, then google adsense could probably be the best way to do so.

The reason of its popularity is that, it cpc and cpm rates are fairly high then most of the other networks and as it belongs to the great google, therefore people trust it more as compared to other. And the reason of this trust is the strict rules of google. Google is always very serious for its advertisers and therefore accept only high quality sites for adsense.

Learn everything about google adsense.

How to earn from adsense in Pakistan:

Once you get googel adsense approval, you can easily start earning from it. But you earning would depend on the type and quality of traffic to your site. You can earn as much as you can and all that depends on your effort and skills.

Not only from your own sites, you can also earn from google partner sites like youtube, hubpages etc to start earning from google adsense. And for that you can easily got adsense approval as compared to getting approval for your own site which is a bit hard due to strict policies of google.

hwo to earn from google adsense in Pakistan

Ways to earn from google adsense in Pakistan:

Here are some of the ways to earn from google adsense in Paksitan:

  • Start you own blog/site and work on it. After six months apply to adsense. If you get approval, you can start earning.
  • Create your youtube channel and start creating videos. And monetize these videos with hosted adsense account.
  • Create your hub at hubpages or squidoo and start writing your content. After writing a few articles, apply for hosted google adsense. Once you get approval, ads will start to display at your articles.

How to get adsense approval for your own site:

If you want to create your own site and then apply to google adsense, then you should keep a few things in your mind. Because as i mentioned earlier that google is strict and it is more strict in countries likes Pakistan, India and China etc, so you need much more hard work to get adsense approval in Pakistan.Here are few things that you should keep in mind and take care of before applying to google adsense:

  • You site should be professional looking.
  • You site should be at least six months old (according to adsense guidelines).
  • You site should have all important pages.
  • You site should have enough content.
  • You site should have a clean design and easy to navigate system.

Here is a detailed guide about things to take care before applying to google adsense.

Final words:

If you belong to Pakistan, you can earn good money from google adsense, the only thing you need is to work hard and learn blogging and seo and practice it. There are many people out there who do illegal things like selling adsense accounts, earn from adsense by making groups and giving unnatural clicks to earn etc. So, keep away from those illegal things and get your adsense account with the help of this knowledge which is given in this article.

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