Golden talk review-A paid to post forum

   Golden talk is paid to post forum where members are paid to participate in discussion and side by side you learn many new things daily regarding online earning because this forum is regarding hyips (high yield investment programs) and online earning methods.There are many helpful members and moderators who always solve my problems and you can ask any question regarding online earning plus you earn from 2 to 20 cents for each post that means you kill two birds with one stone i.e you learn and earn as well.I have  included the payment proof as well and it always pays me.I have paid three times up till now.
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Golden talk is one of the oldest paid to post forum and it had always paid its members.I have worked on several other forums but many of them stop paying and some of them didn’t paid me.But golden talk always pays me and solve my problems.

How to start working on golden talk:-

   Working on golden talk is very easy and you can create a new account in few minutes.Just fill the registration form and confirm your email address then you are ready to post your first reply or thread.But it is recommended to read the rules before starting posting because they have very good moderation system and they will ban you if you didn’t obey the rules.
   Always provide value to the community and don not do copy pasting and post chasing because they ban members for it.
   When i was new to this forum i also commited this mistake of post chasing and i was banned for one week so it is highly recommended to read the rules and avoid post chasing and palgramism.

Pros and cons of using goldentalk for online earning:-


  • It is an easy menthod to earn online as it pays per post and writing one post only need a few seconds.
  • It is very trusted site.
  • You can learn many new ways of online earning from this forum.
  • You can help others solving their problems.


  • You cannot earn good money but good for beginners.
  • You need to keep yourself updated.
  • Requires some time to go through the whole discussion and then post your reply.

Why you should join goldentalk:-

    As i said earlier that golden talk is one of the best paid to post discussion forum where you learn new things and get paid for your work and as you can see the pros are greater than the cons, so i recommend you to join this forum if you want to earn online because you will earn some bucks and will gain much knowledge and then you will be able to invest your this earned money in your online business.
   Yes, i also did the same things.In the beginning i learned many new thing and earned some money online and then invest it in blog and now i enjoy blogging and it has become my hobby and side by side i am developing my online business because blogging is a business and there are many ways to earn from blogging.
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Payment proof of goldentalk:-

  Here i have posted the screen shots of my payments from goldentalk.The first one is from goldentalk dash board and didnt show how much is paid but you can see in the second image i.e from perfect money that i have recieved $ 3.09 for 103 posts that means they paid me 3 cents for post and i think that is not bad when you compare it to other paid to post forums because in goldentalk you are paid for posting in all catagories.
   As i mentioned earlier that goldentalk pays from 2 to 20 cents per post and it depends on the quality of your post  but usually they pay an average of 2.5 to 3 cents.

From editorial desk:-

    If you want to start earning online than i recommed you to avoid all those paid to click and paid to read sites because you will waste your time there just by clicking for fraction of cents, instead you should join such paid to post forums because you learn many new things daily there and golden talk is one of  the best paid to post forum.

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