What is forex trading and how to earn from it

Forex means foreign exchange.It is like stock exchange but the difference is that, in forex trading your would be trading in currencies.If you buy currency in low rate and then the price increase and you sell it, you will earn money.

It is one of the best business in the world with daily turn over of 2 trillion dollars.And you can image from this figure, how much potential in this business is.

If you are trying to earn online, and want to start your own business then forex trading is one of them.It is better then other business because in this business you just have to practice to learn things and then invest your money in the real business.

how to earn from forex trading

forex trading

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How to learn forex trading:

If you want to start trading online, you should first learn forex trading.Because if you start it without any knowledge, then you are doing gambling.Forex trading is a serious business and any small mistake can make you big loses.

The easy way to learn from trading is the following:

1.Read ebooks to learn forex trading:

There are many free and paid eBooks available online that will help you to learn trading.I have read a few free ebooks and they were so good that i didn’t need paid books.So, if you are really passionate, you can easily learn forex trading from free ebooks. If.If you are very much serious and have to invest in learning, then i will recommend paid ebooks.

2.Courses to learn forex trading:

There are many free and paid courses by professionals that will help you to learn forex trading.You can find many videos on youtube and courses on udemy etc.There are also free courses, that are also worth reading because they can also help you learn some basics at least.

3.Participate in forex discussion forums:

One of my favorite way to learn Forex trading is to join a discussion forum and participate in discussion.Some of these discussion pay as well for posting.So, if you are passionate about forex trading and you don’t have money to invest, join a few forums and you will earn good balance that would use for trading as well as you will learn many things from these forums as well.

4.Use demo account to learn Forex trading:

And finally, the most important is demo account.You can create a free demo account at the moment and start to practice forex trading.This is very important in learning Forex because in Forex everything is experience.You will not learn every thing by reading guides and watching videos until and unless you do it yourself.And the best way to practice it is to use demo account for learning.learning. Because in demo account, you will not lose any money.

How to start earning from forex trading:

To start earning, as i mentioned earlier, first you would have to learn all the basics of trading and do some practice with demo account.Then either invest from your pocket or start posting on forex discussion forum that pay for posting.And use your balance for trading.And earn profits.

It looks so easy but actually it is not.You would have to work for years to become expert.In the beginning, you will have some profits and some loses.But after a year or two, you will be expert.So, if you are interesting in online trading.Start it today, to earn good tomorrow.

Pros and cons of earning from forex trading:


  • It is very profitable business.
  • Unlike other online earning ways, it is a real business.You would buy and sell currencies.
  • It can be very easy.
  • You can work according to your own will, but you would have to keep an eye on market all the time.
  • You can earn from other ways as well like reffering others etc.
  • If you have good knowledge, you can trading with bots as well, which will work for you and earn you money.


  • It needs investment to start.
  • It is not an easy business.
  • Learning is must for this trading.
  • You have to keep yourself aware of market all the time.

Final words:

So, this was a short guide about forex trading.If you have any queries or want to give any suggestion.Feel free to comment below.We would be glad to help you out.

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