My first niche site project

From a few days, i was searching for different keywords on long tail pro and yesterday i found a keyword which has more than 45 thousand monthly searches per month and very low competition.

I use to read Nichepursuits of Spencer haws regularly and have some knowledge about niche sites.So when yesterday i found that keyword i decided to give it and try and if it works for me i will continue to make niche sites.

Whats special in my keyword:-

The keyword which i have found is quite profitable and has high audience but very low competition.The sites which rank for this keyword in the first page of google has very low page authority,some of them has low domain authority as well.

But the thing which i noted is that none of the site use that long tail keyword.All of them rank on that term due to having main keyword.Means none of them have full keyword in their content.

Other important thing is that none of them have content on their sites.They are just selling products without any written content.

When i searched for backlinks to these sites that rank on the first page.Most of them have very few backlinks.

After analyzing all these things in long tail pro and manually as well i decided to start a niche site on this keyword.

As this is my first time to start a niche site, i am very excited to see what happens and how much time it needs to rank for that keywords.I have also a list of more than twenty related keywords and after writing content for my home page, i will start writing on that as well.

What i have done till now:-

Till now i have searched for keyword and have a list of more that twenty keywords that i am going to use to rank for my main keyword.

I have registered a domain name and installed wordpress on it.I have also installed some important plugins and added google analytic code to the site.

I am looking for some neat theme and will design the site first.After that i will start adding content.

But before adding content i will check my site ranking.I am waiting for my site to get indexed in google and after that i will start adding content.

What are my plans:-

After my site is indexed in google i will start to find some products in amazon and will start writing content for my homepage.It would be more than 1000 words with some images and list of my affiliate products.

I will try to find a video as well in youtube and if i find some good video i will add it to home page.I will add 2 or 3 links to some authority and then i will start builing links to my home page.

I will do this process a bit slow and monitor ranking as well.If it its ranking start increasing i will continue to add content and links.

Magnetization plans:-

My site niche is very wide and it has a lot of products in amazon.I will try to find the best products and will also use adsense on this blogs but not from day 1.I will add adsense ads when i see some visitors flow from google.I will experiment with different ads placement and will continue till i get some results.

I will update this post when i notice some improvements in ranking.I will also write about how i am going with this niche site and what i am doing to rank this site.Stay tuned for more updates.

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