Find free images for your blog posts using flickr

Related images in blog posts attract visitors and make blog post interesting and easy to understand.It is a well known quote that an image is worth thousand words.And it shows the importance of images in blog posts.

Images in thumbnails in related posts,on home page etc has great importance in CTR and the posts without images has high bounce rate.So if you want to make your posts attractive and make new readers than make it a habit to add images in your blog posts.


How to find images for blog posts:-

Now if you have realised the importance of images,it is important to know how to find images for posts.From my experiences it is very hard and time consuming to find free images for blog posts.

Many people search on google images and find attractive images and use it in posts.But they don’t know that the images can be subjected to copyright and can cause problems if the image owner find that you are using his/her image without permission.

So my advice is to never use images from google images because it is images search engine and its results are from all over the internet.It is clearly written on google images that the images may be subjected to copyright.So it means that google is also warning you to use such images with proper investigation.And google also punishes blog for using copyright images by penalizing them.

To find images for your blog posts,you should find some sites that allow you to use their images.Some sites are paid and some are free but the free one do not contain enough quantity of good images.

Therefore i am writing this post to aware you of creative commons.It is a licence, and with it the owner allow you to use his/her image but you should attribute to him or linking him to credit his work.

Flickr,best option to find creative commons images:-

Using flickr,you can find images with create commons,it is very easy and you should follow the below steps to use such type of images:

1.Go to

2.Log in with your yahoo id .If you have not one create here.

3.After you sign in click on search button and then click on advance search.

4.In advance search enter you title and at the end tick the option that stats search creative common.

5.Also tick the box that say “

6.If you want to modify the images,also check the other box.

7.Click on search.

8.Find appropriate and image and click on it.

9.On the right side of image there will be information about how to use the image.

10.There will be also three dots,when you put your mouse arrow on that it will read “more actions” clicks it.

11.From there you can download the image in any size.

12.After you add the image in your post.Attribute to the owner by liking to his profile,you can put the credit link at the end of the post,or just bellow the image.

13.Click on the owner name and copy the url of his profile.The paste it in your post as credit.

Find images with plugin:-

If you are using self hosted wordpress then there is a plugin called compfight.This plugin allow you to select images direct from your post editor and it will automatically do attribution.So it can save a lot of time and makes the complete process automate.

This is the easy way to find great images for your blog posts and that is totally free.There are many sites from which you can search for creative common images but as i mentioned earlier that flickr is best because it has a large variety of images.

If you have any problem or queries than do ask in comment.I will be glad to help you.


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