How to find data entry jobs

If you are a newbie who want to earn online some quick cash then this post is for you because you can earn some money from data entry and you can find these data entry jobs in freelancing sites.

Many people want some workers who type from images  or type a pdf file into their site or some other data entry.

To hire workers they add their task in these free lancing sites and then people like you who want to earn online from data entry contact them and get paid after completing their data entry task.

Learn how to get hired online.

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Advantages of data entry jobs:-

If you are still confused about data entry work, then read these advantages and i will sure it will help you to decide whether you should earn from online data entry or not.

  • It is easy to earn from data entry jobs.
  • They are available in abundant.
  • You need just a computer and internet connection.
  • They are better then other data entry like captcha typing.
  • They help you to make your first income online if you are newbie.
  • If you want to start a blog etc and want to invest online but don’t want to invest from pocket then it is a good idea to earn some money form online data entry jobs and then invest the money.
  • If you don’t have other skills to earn online then this will help you because it doesnt need any skills except typing.

How to find online data entry jobs:-

If you are really interested then create account in some of the famous freelancing site like , or etc and complete your profile because it increases your trust rate and many people will give you paid data entry jobs.

Then start finding some jobs and apply to a few of them and wait for response.

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Types of paid data entry:-

There are two types of data entry in these freelancing sites one is the fixed price jobs and other is hourly jobs.

Fixed price data entry jobs:-

In these jobs you will have to finish a fixed job within the given time.

You can find a lot of these types of jobs and you will be required to type the given task.

According to odesk there are scams and when i tried this with odesk they said that they are not responsible for any scams in fixed price jobs.So be alert while applying for such jobs.

Hourly jobs:-

In these jobs you will be required to work for specific time daily and you wil be paid per hour.

These jobs are more better and you can earn more then fixed jobs.

They are trusted and earning from such jobs are good as well.So if you manages to get this type of job then it is better then fixed price jobs.


This was a short guide about how to earn from paid data entry jobs, if you are interested then join the sites listed above and apply for some jobs.If you have already an experience of these jobs then share your views here in the comment section below.

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