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  Wikinut is an article writing site like hubpages where you are paid for writing articles.You write quality articles and after moderation,it is published on their site.They put some ads on your articles and the revenue from these articles is divided between you and the site.
When you start using this site, you will notice that they have very good system of moderation and they are not strict as hubpages.You can also become a moderator and earn from this sites.Some percent of the revenue goes to moderators as well.
It is a good community where other members will read your posts/articles and they will comment as well.So you will be getting more page views and you will make new friends as well.
It is a great site but it also has some deficiencies, so here i am going to mention some pros and cons of using wikinut.
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Earn online from article writing sites.

Pros and cons of using wikinut for earning:-


  • It is easy to approve your articles on this site.
  • You don’t need adsense account to earn from this site as they have their own advertising system.
  • You can write as many articles as you wish.
  • As it is revenue sharing site,you will earn from your articles as long as they are available on internet.
  • Site design is good and you don’t need to much regarding on-page SEO.
  • You will get good traffic using this site,as i told earlier that they have own community and their own writers,so it is easy to get some decent traffic.
  • Support is also good,you can contact moderators as well as site support team.


  • Earning form this site is a bit low.
  • Quality is not that much high as hubpages and squido etc.
  • It is a bit hard to reach minimum payout.

Should you join wikinut:-

    After reading the pros and cons,you can decide wither,you should join and work on this site or not.
  It really depends on your needs and writing skills.If you can write quality articles and your English is good then you should go for hubpages because you can earn much higher on hubpages as compared to wikinut.
  But if your English is not good and your articles are not accepted on hubpages or any other site then wikinut is for you.
  Although it is not necessary that if your writing skills are good,you should not join this site.You can join both of them and try if it is working for you or not.
  You can also use this site to build some quality backlinks,as your articles are posted on the main domain which has good page rank.
  So the conclusion is wikinut is a good site for writers.If you want to earn some bucks using your writing skills,you can test it.

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