How to earn from paid to post forums

There are many discussion forums on internet.And they are helping people in solving the problems of its users.One can find the answer to his/her questions easily from experts via these discussion forums.

But have you listened that some of these forums will earn you money.If no, then read this guide and learn how you can earn from paid to post forums.

What is paid to post forum:

Paid to post forum are ordinary discussion forums like the ones.But the difference between paid to post and other discussion forums is that, these forum owners pay its users for posting at their forms.

So, if you want to earn online, and you don’t have any skill to earn money from internet, you should take
start with paid to post forums.The reason for this is that, almost all of these forums are in online earning niche.And you will learn many things daily about online earning and ways of online earning.You will also find your mistakes and will learn from the mistakes of other members.It is indeed a great way to learn about online earning as well as earn online.

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Pros and cons of earning from paid to post discussion forums:

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of working on paid to post forums.Read them and decide whether you should start posting or these forums or not.


  • It is one of the easiest way to earn online.
  • You can earn from multiple forums.
  • You will receive money in your account as soon as you reach minimum threshold.
  • You will be able to work according to your own will.
  • You will learn about many things in online earning world.
  • You will make new friends.


  • You will earn less.
  • If you have some good skills then it is waste of time.
  • There are very less such forms.
  • They pay very low.

How to start earning form paid to post discussion forums:

To start earning from these forums, first account on some of these forums and confirm your email.Then login to your account and complete your profile.After that start posting on the forums but do not spam.Otherwise, you would be banned from the forum.Post regularly and when you reach minimum payout amount.Add your payment process details and request payout.You will receive money in few days in your account.

The two most famous paid to post forums are goldentalk and mt5 forum.You can find more form the paid to post section in golden talk forum.

Things to remember when posting of paid forums:

There are some things which you should take care of when posting of paid to post forums.Otherwise, you would be banned by the forum moderates.As there are moderators in every form and their work is to keep the quality and stop spam.So, you should post according to rules.

  • Read the rules of every paid discussion forum before posting.
  • Do not spam otherwise you would be banned.
  • Do not post chase.
  • Do not copy from other place, post according to your own experience and knowledge.
  • Do not post everywhere for earning.Post only on that post about which you know or about which you want to ask.
  • Do not promote likes.

These are the few basic things which you should take care of, because they are present in the rules of almost every forum. Because these are the basic quality guidelines.

Final words:

Online earning is a very diverse field.You will find many ways of online earning and one of it is paid to post forums.Which is beneficial for beginners because they earn as well learn about other ways of online earning.If you also want to start earning online then my advice is to start with paid forum posting.


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