How to earn from paid to post forum (goldentalk)

If you want to earn online and want to earn how to earn online then you can kill two birds with one stone.

Yes, you can learn new ways on how to earn online plus you can earn for learning and teaching other too.

How you do this.My simple answer is paid to post discussion forums.

When you will ask someone that how can i learn about online earning or any other thing then most of the people will advise you to join discussion forum.

  • Some common ways to earn online

Earn from a paid to post discussion forum:-

To learn new things about online earning, you would try to find some good discussion forum where the members are experts and help you to solve your problems.

You will find a huge list of such forums but i will advice you to join paid to post forums because they will help you earning some money as well.

I have also tried it in my beginning and have learned a lot and then i used the earned money to register domain and buy web hosting with that money and you can also do so.

If you are not still confused about paid to post forums then read this guide:How to earn and learn from paid to post discussion forums.

How to earn from goldentalk:-

Goldentalk is also one of the paid to post discussion forum and my favorite.

I visit this forum regulaly to learn new things there and it has also paid me 3 times (the payment proof is present at the end).

It is very easy to earn from this forum but you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Don’t post just for earning.
  • Provide value to other members.
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • Never spam.
  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Don’t post about one thing again and again (post chasing).
  • Create only one account.

To earn from this forum create an account there and start posting there keeping the above things in mind and you will enjoy a lot.

Here is my payment proof from goldentalk forum.


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