Earn from paid to post discussion forums

If you are a beginner in online earning world and searching in google and other blogs for how to earn online then you should try your luck in paid to post discussion forums because they pay you to post comments and start new threads in their forums.

Basically these forums are related to online earning and money making topics and they keep their forums running by paying their members.

In this way they earn from their forums and keep their business alive by paying members.

A good thing is all the members of these forums are people who want to earn online and they share their experiences and new online earning sites.So in this way you learn about new sites in online earning world and earn ass well for writing short comment and starting new threads to ask questions or to share something new.

How to earn from paid to post discussion forums:-

If you are interested and wanted to start working on these forums then create account in few of these forums.

You can pick some of them from here:some paid to post discussion forums

Here is a review of one of the famous paid to post discussion forum:Review of goldentalk (a paid to post discussion forum) with payment proof.

To start working  create account on few of the forums from the above list and start posting.

Things to remember while posting on paid to post discussion forums:-

Keep the following things in mind otherwise the moderators of these forums will ban you.

  • Never spam and write quality comments.
  • Avoid plagiarism because it decrease their ranking and they will ban you for that.
  • Do not post one thing again and again.
  • Avoid post chasing.
  • Provide value to community and don’t post just for earning.Post meaningful and helpful comments.

From editorial desk:-

If you are interested in online earning then avoid all the paid to post and paid to read sites because most of these are scam,instead join these paid to post sites because it help you to earn directly as well as indirectly.

It pays you which is direct way of earning while you learn about new ways and site for online earning which is indirect way of online earning.


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