Earn online from PTC sites

Every one want to earn online because it is easy way to use computer at home to earn online and we can work according to our own will.When someone search on google ways to earn online for beginners he will definitely came across PTC site.So the question arises what is a ptc site?

What is a PTC site:-

A PTC site is a site that pay its members to click on ads and they pay per click.Also every PTC site has an affiliate/refferal system to earn more.

How to earn from a PTC site.

We can earn from a ptc site by clicking the ads plus we can increase our earning by reffering others to the site and can increase earning .We can also earn by doing some tasks as well as by playing grid.
Earning with ptc sites is much easy and the beginners should start the online career with it and then invest the earned amount in other sources such as blogging etc.

Some legit PTC sites:-

      There are hundred of PTC sites but most of them are scam.But it does not means that earning from a PTC site is impossible because there are also some legit sites that pay and i have also been payed by these sites.So some examples are neobux,probux and clicksense etc.You can search on google about legit PTC sites because there are many sites with guide the readers about PTC sites and also they share there payment proofs with the readers.

How to create account and withdraw:-

     Creating account with these sites is very easy.You will just supposed to fill a simple membership form and then you can login to your  member area with the help of your username and password.
    But remember donot create multiple account.Create just one account because when you create more then one account they will suspend all of your accounts.
   Withdrawing your earned money is very easy.You just need an online payment processer for it like payza,payal and perfect money etc.
  But remember paypal is the most important and is used by many to pay its members.But it will be good to create accounts with two or three payment processors.

What is a refferal:-

   PTC sites used affiliate system to increase its members by giving its member incentive that when they reffer someone to the site he will earn some amount from his clicks.
  So when you refer someone to the site when they click on ads you also get payed for it.
   You can increase your earning by referring your friends etc or you can promote your referral link or banner in your site.
   There are two types of refferals in PTC sites:

Direct referrals:-

    They are those referrals that sign up to the site with your referral link and are free.

Rented referrals:-

     They are those referrals that sign up without any referral link and you pays rent to PTC site for it.


    PTC sites are easy way to earn online but the earning is very less and these sites can be scam so before joining any of the PTC site first google about it and read the views of PTC experts if it is worth trying out it or not because you will waste your precious time and at the end will get nothing.So its better spending some time before joining any online earning sites.

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