Earn online with hubpages

  Hubpages is a sites for writers.Those who want a platform to write online and earn some money,hubpages is the best way to do so.Hubpages provide you your own sub domain like blogger,from which you will be able to write articles known as hubs,But it is different from blogger in a sense that you can earn quickly and easily.You can earn from ads as well as affiliate sales.With hubpages,you can easily approve a hosted adsense account and you can put the code on your hubs to earn with adsense.You will get 60 percent revenue generated from ads and 40 percent will go to hubpages.You can also use affiliates to earn from your hubs such as amazon etc.
  They have easy to use and well optimized layout.You don’t need to design your pages etc.Your pages will rank easily and you will get good traffic from search engines as well as from hubpages site.You articles will also be included as related posts in other posts,which will also bring good targeted traffic.

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How to work on hubpages:-

  It is easy to work on hubpages and you dont need any technical skills.The site is easy to use.There are capsules which you can use for adding links,images,videos and affiliate products inside your posts.So it makes writing articles very easy and save a lot of time.
  To start with hubpages,you just need to sign up and after confirmation of email you can start writing your first post.Just fill your profile and you are ready to go.

Tips to use hubpages:-

  To use hubpages,you need to write unique quality content because unlike your own blog they moderate your posts before publishing because they don’t compromise in terms of quality.Also read their terms and conditions before writing your articles.Write long articles and use images and videos in it.So that it will look attractive.
  In order to earn money from hubpages,you need traffic and for that do a little seo.Their layout is already optimized but still you need to do a keyword research and do a little promotion of your post.
  They also have a forum,where you can ask question and experts will answer your questions,it is really a nice community.

Start earning from hubpages:-

  After you write a few quality posts,apply for google adsense from your dashboard,they will review your application and will accept it if your posts are of good quality.Then you can put codes on your hubs and start making money.
  If you want to use affiliates,you can use from the first day,it didn’t need any acceptance from these companies,just create an account with any of affiliate company such as amazon and use your affiliate code within your articles using capsules.
  They have also their own ads system,you can also earn form this method as well.


  Hubpages is one of the best site,form which you can earn writing articels.It is most popular site because of their quality and multipe earning methods.So if you are a good writer and want to try your luck earning online then you should go for hubpages because many people are earning a good income from this sites.

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