How to earn online from fiverr

Online earning can be easy as well as hard.It depends on your skills.If you have good skills and you know the art to make clients then you can make good money online.But if you don’t have good skills, you cannot make money online.
There are many sites in the internet, where people earn good money and many people have established full time business from these sites.These sites are called freelancing sites.And one of these freelancing sites is called fiverr.
You can earn online from fiverr easily by selling your gigs if you have some good skills.If you have not,still you can earn but for that you would have to depend on others and you will earn less.
If you have any skills, you can start work today on fiverr.You would get many orders and if people like your work they would award you with positive reviews.Which will inturn get you more orders.

What is fiverr:

For those who still don’t know about fiverr.It is a freelancing site where people make gigs and other people buy their gigs for $5.It is a freelancing site like elance and odesk but different in a way that here services sellers make their gigs, while in other freelancing sites those who want services post their jobs.

what is fiverr

What is gig:

Gig is a post where the seller mention about his skills and other people who need their services find them via this gig.

How to earn online from fiverr:

Earning from fiverr is very simple.If you have any skill and basic knowledge of internet, you can earn earn online from fiverrfrom fiverr.You just need to set up your account and create your gig and then wait for orders.If you follow the below given steps correctly, you will definitely get some orders.
There are many books and guides about how to earn from fiverr and if you are interested in online earning, then you should read them and after having some experience you will earn regular money from your fiverr gigs.


How to start account on fiverr:

Starting account on fiverr is very easy.If you have basic knowledge of internet and if you can create email or facebook account then you can also create an account on fiverr.
You just need to fill the form with necessary details and create your account.After you create account, don’t forget to verify your email.To verify your email, login to your email accout and open the message from fiverr and click on the link inside it and your account will be fully verified.After that you are ready to start your first gig.
Complete your profile and then start your first gig.
Here is a complete guide on how to create a fiverr account.

How to start gig on fiverr:

The most important thing in earning from fiverr is the way you start your fiverr gig.If you create your fiverr gig with care and optimization, your gig will automatically rank better and your will earn more.
To create your fiverr gig.You would need few things which are following:

  • You would have to write good discription that is professional and get you orders.
  • You would have to add good images and video to make your gig more impressive.
  • You would have to add tags etc wisely for better optimization.

Now when you create a gig on fiverr following the above steps, then you would have to try to rank your gig higher for better earning and for this you would have to do some more work.

How to rank a gig on fiverr:

To rank your gig, you would have to make your gig better then other gigs on the same service.For this follow the following steps:

  • Create unique image and add videos to your gig.
  • You title should have keywords.If it is not ranking, edit your title.
  • You gig should have good tags.For this look for the tags of those gigs which are ranking high and use them in your gig.If your gig is not ranking edit your tags.
  • You need positive reviews for ranking.If no one is buying your gig,Ask some to buy your gig or buy it yourself for positive reviews.

Read this post to learn complete optimization of fiverr gigs.

Start earning on fiverr:

After creating and optimizing gig on fiverr.Now its time to earn.If you have follow the above steps exactly as mentioned.You will definitly get some orders.If still not wait two or three days and if still not then you have done something wrong.Make backlinks to your gig and find whether people buy these types of gigs or not.If not, then start gigs on other services.Usually it is better to create multiple gigs for different services and this way you will earn more from fiverr.

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