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Everyone wants to make money from home by doing some simple tasks.Making money from home online is easy but there are many programs online to make money online that confuses the beginners how to earn online.
Therefore today i have decided to introduce fiverr to those who don’t not how to earn online.

What is fiverr:-

    Fiverr is a famous site where you will post a gig (add) to sell your services online.In fiverr you will sell your services for $5.This means you can earn $5 for a simple task.
   When you post your gig it will be visible to everyone and those who are interested will contact you.They will pay $5.$1 will be deducted as a fiverr fees and you will get $5 after you finish your task.
   The good thing about this site is there is not any particular category for selling services.You can create a gig about anything you want.You can also make your gig more interesting and appealing by posting images and videos inside your gig.
How to start working on fiverr

How to start working on fiverr:-

   It is very simple to work on fiverr.Sign in and start posting your gigs.After that wait for receiving orders.To get more orders you should create a video about your work and post it in your gig.Also attach some images with it because it makes your gig more interesting and you will get more orders.

Steps to use fiverr:-

Step 1:-

    Sign up at fiverr.Its totally free.You can join fiverr with your email as well as with your facebook account.

Step 2:-

    Go to your email and confirm your email by clicking on a link in mail sent to you from fiverr.

Step 3:-

    Go to your profile and complete it.

Step 4:-

    Upload your photo and description about yourself in public profile.

Step 5:-

    Click on start selling and then click on create a gig.

Step 6:-

    Create your gig.Complete the form and add images and video to improve your gig visibility.


    Fiverr is a well known site and you can earn a good amount of money by selling your services online with fiverr.You can also make new clients because most of the people hire people for their work on fiverr and then it they like your work they will hire you again.So you can increase your clients and make new relations with it also.

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