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Writing is one of the way to earn online.There are many ways to earn online as online writer.Some are free and some are paid.Some are easy and some require a lot of hard work.But there are many ways and lot of people are willing to pay you for articles.
You can also start your own business,Your own blog and earn online by writing articles but it requires a lot of hard work and you cannot earn directly after starting your blog.There are many advantages and disadvantages of blogging but today i am going to share “how to earn online from article writing sites”.
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Revenue sharing article writing sites:-

    These sites share their revenue with writers.They offer a free platform and keep some revenue and pass on the other half of revenue to their writers.These sites usually have some rules and publish your content after moderating it.Which means you will depend on them.Unlike blogging where you will be your own boss.
  The advantage of these sites is this you will get more views because other members of sites will read your posts as well.
  Other advantage is that your posts will rank well in SERPS because you will be using their domain which has already some good pagerank and it is easy to rank your posts with less effort.But if you are using your own blog then you will have to build your page rank and domain authority for better ranking.
  Other advantage of using these sites is that you don’t need any effort for adsense approval etc because most of them has their own advertisers.You will just write articles and collect revenue.
   Some of article writing revenue sharing sites are:


   Hubpages is the most popular sites for earning online via writing.After writing few posts you will apply for adsense via them and you will get your adsense account.You will then use it on your hubs and you will keep 60 percent of the revenue and 40 percent will go to them.There are other ways of earning as well.You can earn from Amazon affiliates and their own ads program as well.
  Hubpages is very strict in terms of quiality and only approve quality articles.So after publishing any post keep in mind that the post should be of high quality because they will moderate it and delete it if it is not of high quality.


   Triond is another revenue sharing site.They have their own sites where they publish your content after approval.So when you write article and it is approved they will publish it on their other site that is related to your article topic.Then they will share the revenue generated from the article with you and you can cashout from paypal when you reach minimum threshold.


   This site is similar to hubpages.It is also strict interms of quality.The posts here is called lens.You can earn from adsense in this site.


  This site also shares revenue with writers.You don’t need adsense account to earn from this site because they have their own ads system.They pay via paypal and articles are easily approved.You can also earn as a moderator on this site.


   This site pays 1 cent per every unique page view,like and comment.They also pay via paypal and cheque.It is like socail network because you can also add freinds.
 Minimum payout is $50 but the problem here is that they make selective payments.They pay writer according to their own will.Some of the writers receive regular payments and some receive first payment and then didn’t receive payments.According to admin those people are not payed who break the rules of their site.
  Articles are not moderated and minimum words limit per article is 400 characters.

Pay per article sites:-

   There are enormous sites that pay writer for article.Some of them pay per article and some pay per words.Some sites pay very high per article but these have their own starnderds.So before posting your articles be sure that your article is unique.
  You can also use freelancer sites for selling your writing services.There are many people who search for talented writers from these sites.
  You can also use fiverr.It is site where you can post your gig (add) and sell your services for $5.It means you can earn $4 ($1 is deducted as fee) for a short article.
   There are many ways to earn online as a writer.You can set up your own site as well as can sell your services using other sites.Different people have different choises.So try them one by one and go for that one which suits your and work for you.


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